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12 Reasons

Reasons to Shop TyH
Shop with confidence! TyH products are:

QUALITY DRIVEN.  Formulated with bioavailable ingredients like Albion© minerals, Fibro C™ and more than  40 other patented and trademarked ingredients.
2 UNIQUE. TyH offers an effective program of products for fibromyalgia, SEID/ME/chronic fatigue, arthritis and chronic pain as there is no single magic bullet for these conditions. Each product enhances the effectiveness of others in Get with the Program™
3 GMP. Manufactured in a certified (cGMP) facility.
GUARANTEED. Backed with a 90 day guarantee. We take the risk because we know our products work.
5 PROVEN BY EXPERIENCE. You benefit from 28 years of experience from us and our customers who have discovered how to decrease pain, increase energy and improve sleep. Check our Rave Reviews

6 TESTED. Two of TyH’s products, Fibro-Care™ and  Valerian Rest™, were in a published study as part of an effective treatment for fibromyalgia and SEID/ME/CFS.  Many of TyH formulas are designed with the same ingredients and dosages shown to be effective in research studies.
7 MEDICALLY ENDORSED. By many medical and healthcare professionals, including Mark Pellegrino, M.D., a physician who’s treated more than 32,000 patients in his practice.
8 MANUFACTURED IN THE USAMost are without eggs, wheat, gluten, sugar, sweeteners, salt wax, artificial coloring or artificial preservatives. Non-GMO, too!
9 PRICED RIGHT. Without gimmicks or hype. With One Pricing™, you get the best price every day!
10 SUPPORTED WITH EDUCATIONAL TOOLS. With our online Health Library of more than 250 free articles, Q&As, Reader Stories and more, plus TyH’s informative monthly Healthy Exchange blog

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