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About TyH

To Your Health (TyH) is a recognized leader in quality supplements, specializing in support and education for fibromyalgia, SEID (ME/chronic fatigue syndrome), arthritis and chronic pain.

The TyH StoryMargy & David Squires

Based on her husband's treatment experience with natural therapies for his fibromyalgia, Margy Squires turned his desire to help others into reality by opening the doors of To Your Health. TyH's non-drug supplement program has changed countless lives across America for the better by decreasing pain and increasing energy, sleep and overall health. Fibro-Care™ is our signature and TyH original magnesium and malic acid product formulated with a biochemist to address the primary deficiency found in fibromyalgia and linked to many of the symptoms.

Other TyH innovations to simplify your supplement program are a high potency vitamin-mineral with extra B vitamins for energy and higher antioxidant blend to fight oxidative aging. Multi-Gold™, and Get with the Program™, to take the guesswork out of supplement shopping. Margy and the TyH team also offer telephone and email support, health education via their company newsletter, Health Points*, plus sponsor local and foster national health conferences.

TyH believes education is the cornerstone of wellness. Surveys show that supplement users are likely to be more educated than nonusers. They are usually healthier, take less medications, are more active, plus make better food and lifestyle choices. The combination makes them live longer than nonusers. Research shows that although we cannot change our genetic history, we can influence it. You only have to know how and then do so. Consistently. One healthy choice after another.

At TyH, we realize the importance of supplements for health. Yours. Ours. So we pick our supplements for what they can do based on research guidelines, not trends. You'll find only GMP certified products to ensure potency, quality, value and effectiveness that help you and your family be and stay healthy all year long

The supplement industry has changed in many ways for the better since we opened our doors in 1994. As the saying goes, change is inevitable. All of us can help determine the continued positive direction of that change by what we do today. Our motto has always been "choose wisely" and that goes for the company you keep.

Thanks for making your health business our business. Be happy & well!

*Health Points articles now available online in our Health Library.

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