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Advisory Board

Advisory Panel

Through our website and publication, TyH offers expert, professional educational support to our customers. The Advisory Panel is comprised of both a naturopathic and allopathic physician who assist us in answering your questions and offer general guidelines.

Carol Jamison NMDCarol Jamison NMD
Dr. Jamison is a naturopathic physician in private practice in Fountain Hills since January 2005, with a second location in Gilbert, Arizona. She is certified in BioPuncture, Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine and Holistic/Integrative Medicine. Dr. Jamison focuses on hormone balancing, thyroid, nutritional medicine and gastrointestinal disorders.

Mark Pellegrino MDMark Pellegrino MD
Dr. Pellegrino is a board certified specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, with a private practice in North Canton, Ohio. Rehabilitation Medical Director at Alliance Community Hospital’s Center of Rehabilitation. Well-known to the FM world, Dr. Pellegrino has FM himself and is author of several books on the subject. He is a frequent contributor to Health Points.

Disclaimer: The Advisory Panel receives no monetary reimbursement for their contributions to serving customers of To Your Health. They serve voluntarily and with a smile!

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