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To Your Health (TyH) was founded in 1994 by Margy Squires to help her husband David who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (FM). David wanted non-drug options for his pain, low energy and poor sleep at a time when little was known about FM. Based on the information gleaned from multiple doctor-patient conferences, leading researchers and with the help of a biochemist TyH's signature product Fibro-Care™ was born.

Other signature products followed. Through TyH's newsletter, Health Points, Margy shared this information, becoming the first national publication to advocate non-drug, healthy options for fibromyalgia, ME/chronic fatigues syndrome, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. Despite the incurable nature of these disorders, you have a choice! You can read more in About TyH, David's Story and the Health Library.

David Squires had a dream to help others after walking his long fibromyalgia road and finding out nutrients do make a difference in how you feel. Despite any condition or health issue you may have, there is no one magic pill or answer. There is hope and encouragement for each customer and help to shorten your journey. Through the years David and Margy's circle of fibro friends have become more like an extended family with some inspired to write their own stories. We hope we can be an inspiration to you as well.


Although we love our quality products, many of you will be pleased to know we also have the endorsement of experts in the health research and medical fields. Although our Advisory Panel cannot answer individual personal medical questions, they freely contribute articles, their time and their expertise without any monetary compensation. Margy and David met many at doctor-patient conferences; others are from right here in Arizona. Although some have “retired” from our Advisory, we are grateful for their giving through the years.

Why buy from To Your Health?
Quality and education above the bar. Buying from someone who knows what you are going through.
The supplement industry has had many regulatory changes through the years. Rest assured, we stay in step with labeling standards, good manufacturing practices (GMP) and research. This means you get the most optimal, bioavailable forms available and the maximum for your supplement dollars.

But we're also real people. You get to know the company you keep because you know who we are, what we stand for and you can actually talk to us via email or picking up the phone. We make it personal and that can make all the difference to you!

Can I buy your products in stores?
We sell mostly direct to you, the customer, because it saves you money. Retail stores mean mark-ups. But if you do have a pharmacy near you that wants to stock our product, we'd be happy to. Just know you may pay more out of pocket due to markup by the store. Our website lets you shop securely 24-7 from the comfort of your home with direct delivery to you. Or call us Monday through Friday 9 am to 2 pm at 800-801-1406 and place your order on the phone with a real person. Yes, we still answer our own phones!

May I call and speak with an Advisor Panel member about my condition?
Your medical care needs to come from your health care provider who knows your personal history and needs. If you have a general question you’d like us to ask one of our panel members, we’d be glad to do so, though. You can email [email protected]. Our strict no-share privacy policy covers emails, too. Nothing is shared, posted or printed without your knowledge and consent.

May I talk to someone at TyH for more information about your products?
Absolutely! Call anytime Monday-Friday 9 am-2 pm MST (remember, during Daylight Savings Time we are on PST) on toll free 800-801-1406. We believe an educated customer is an informed buyer. You’ll know what the benefit of each product is and will buy exactly and only what you need. There's also lots of information in the Health Library, too! There is also a product Q&A feature you can use 24/7 online. We try to answer all answers via email within 24 hours.

What is a Rave Review?

Sometimes customers can be shy about testimonies but we are happy to say we have more than a few to share. We hope you find product reviews and testimonies -- that we like to call Rave Reviews -- helpful in trying something new and deciding what to buy. And we hope you’ll add your own!

Do you have a product guarantee?
Of course! We are so confident in our products that we offer a 90 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may request an exchange or refund (less shipping) within 90 days of delivery. Please email [email protected] before so we can help you with the process. Just so you know, we rarely get any TyH product back because TyH products are formulated to work.

What is your shipping policy?
We ship with the Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS) depending on the weight of the order and the destination all for a flat fee of $5.95. You can also get expedited shipping (overnight) for actual shipping costs. You’ll find more information on our Shipping Policy page.

Do you have an auto-ship plan?
We do and we can. Again, we put a personal touch by calling or emailing you first to make sure you need more before we ship. That way, you still are reminded to buy but can also choose not to ship on that particular day.

What are your Signature Products?
Fibro-Care™ (tablets) is our original signature product, along with Valerian Rest™. Both were used in a double-blind, placebo-controlled effective treatment (published) study for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (SEID/ME/CFS). Fibro-Care™ was carefully formulated with the help of a biochemist, based on known magnesium deficiencies in these two disorders. Malic acid assists energy production and helps modify pain. Several other custom formulations followed, including Fibro-Care™ capsules, Fibro-Care Cal™ (magnesium and calcium), and Multi-Gold™. Other supporting nutrients were added in what is known as  Get with the Program, suggested supplements that help with the symptoms of both syndromes.

What is GMP and why do I need it?
Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP is a system that was established through a mutual cooperation between the FDA and the Natural Products Association (NPA). The NPA is the trade organization for the supplement industry and To Your Health has been a part of its organization since it opened its doors. Originally the GMP was a voluntary effort by companies and manufacturers to ensure product safety throughout the manufacturing and labeling process. Now it falls under the FDA umbrella. Having supplements that are made in a GMP certified (cGMP) laboratory means that a product meets the GMP standards from raw materials to post-manufacturing testing. In other words, GMP is all about consumer safety. Read more in GMP Quality.

What is the difference between cGMP and USP?
Read about how GMP started in the previous question. A manufacturer applies for GMP certification and undergoes an audit of the manufacturing practices. Upon passing the inspection by an independent GMP inspector, the facility (and products manufactured) are certified as meeting the stringent requirements for every phase of the manufacturing process, thus cGMP. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is a scientific, nonprofit organization that originally set FDA recognized quality standards for medicines with an expansion to foods and supplements. Inspection and certification for USP results in a special mark that can be applied to products. Please note that it is not necessary to obtain both marks. As a member of the Natural Products Association, TyH prefers the cGMP standard, which is FDA recognized to insure quality and safety in our industry.

Are TyH products approved by the FDA?
Supplements are considered food under the umbrella of the FDA. As such, most foods do not need the approval of the FDA before they are sold retail. Certain regulations are required to insure the safe use by the American public for supplements, however. For our industry, it is cGMP as the standard. All TyH supplements are cGMP.

Can I use TyH supplements to replace a prescription drug?

We strongly suggest you share any supplement you take with your health care provider as some supplements can either influence the absorption or enhance the potency of a drug. If you are on a prescription drug, it is between you and your health care provider when to start and/or stop a prescribed medication. Many health conditions caused by lifestyle such as excess weight, high cholesterol and blood sugar can be positively affected by lifestyle changes and nutritional support. Work with your health care provider, monitor with appropriate testing and supplement accordingly.

Who formulates TyH products?
TyH Signature Supplements are custom formulated with the help of a biochemist familiar with the ingredients and quality control of a product. Single ingredient items such as vitamin C, may seem the same under any label but there can be differences. For instance, how they are made, what form of the ingredient (such as D3 being more bioavailable) and what other agents like color, preservatives, are included. It is always a good idea to know the company you keep—that is, the company that makes your supplements. If their standards are high, quality goes in before the company label goes on. In short, don’t assume all supplements are made the same!

How do you ensure TyH products are safe?
See the response to GMP quality. We are proud to say all TyH products are cGMP.

Can you take a supplement past the Best Use By date?

No. The Best Use By date means that the product has been tested post production up to that “expiration” date to meet label claims. Label claims means that every ingredient in the product still has full potency according to the strength listed on the label. Therefore using a product post date means uncertain quality and standard which we do not recommend.

Are your capsules vegan or animal derived?

Some of the TyH products may be made with animal derived capsules but most are vegetable. Look for Veg Caps or Veg Capsules on the product label if you want non-animal derived capsules.

What are people saying about your products?

TyH has a long history of use and we’re happy to provide you with testimonies from other customers. We feel you’re more likely to believe them as they give their opinions freely. We’re also invested in what you have to say! So please take the time to include a product review and give us some stars!

What are phytonutrients?
The term “phyto” means from a plant. So phytonutrients are just that – nutrients derived from a plant such as herbs and fruit bearing plants or trees.

Why do you have only one multi-vitamin-mineral product?

The trend may be to have several different multi-vitamin-mineral (MVM) products for age or sex but look closely at the label. Many claim beneficial nutrients for men like saw palmetto for the prostate, for women with evening primrose oil for menses or lutein to support vision. What you will see is token amounts to make a label claim which do not match the amounts used in research studies. Therefore, are you really getting an optimal amount to make a health difference? Sometimes you need to add that nutrient as an add-on to a daily MVM to target a health condition and actually make a difference in your vision, cholesterol or specific health target. Therefore we have one MVM -- Multi-Gold™ -- good for both sexes at any age that includes a complete B complex and antioxidant profile. Everybody is different! That’s why we are here for questions about what else may be helpful for you individually so give us a call or email us!

Will my health insurance cover the TyH products I buy?
Depends. Some doctors will write prescriptions if you have low level or deficiency in magnesium, B-12 or other nutrients that need to be supplemented. Some disability or state agencies cover supplements with a prescription from your physician as well. TyH cannot take direct payment from an insurer as we do not have a contract with insurance companies.

Can I claim supplement expenses on my state and federal tax forms?

In Arizona at least you may be able to file under other medical expenses on your state form. It is worth checking with your financial advisor or tax consultant to see if your state covers supplement expenses.

Does your Fibro-Care™ magnesium product cause GI distress?
No, and we have a very sensitive customer market. We specifically chose Albion organic chelates for Fibro-Care capsules and Fibro-Care™ tablets as they are organic to the body, making them more bioavailable and highly tolerable even for the most sensitive GI systems. We will be very surprised if you are the exception!

Why does the form of magnesium make a difference?
Minerals are hard to break down and absorb when the form is magnesium oxide or carbonate for example. If you do not have an optimal digestive system, your body will often send any substance to the GI system for elimination. This may cause cramping, diarrhea or other GI woes. Magnesium citrate is in a chelate form but since it absorbs more quickly, can cause diarrhea too, making its use unpredictable. Many people with chronic conditions have GI issues so we chose Albion, known as the Mineral People, for our mineral sourcing. Bioavailability without GI distress.

Why is magnesium supplementation important?

Almost every disorder has an associated magnesium deficiency. In fact, an estimated 75-80% of Americans are low, whether they have a diagnosed condition or not. So the chances of not being deficient or low is rare indeed. Correcting a low magnesium is easily done with supplementation since most diets cannot meet the recommended daily allowance of 350-400 mg for adults.

Is there a blood test to see if I have low magnesium?
Yes, a red blood cell (RBC) Magnesium Test. Most health care professionals use a serum (bloodstream) magnesium check but that is closely regulated by the body and kept fairly normal. To check for deficiency, you must look at levels inside the blood cells themselves per Dr. Romano. Then supplement and re-test accordingly.


Do you have a newsletter or catalog?
We do! You can sign up for our monthly e-zine, newsletter and catalog by entering your email below. Be assured that your privacy is secure as we do not sell or share any of your information. Never have, never will.

Do you share your mailing lists?
Absolutely, positively not. We value and protect your privacy!

Is my privacy safe if I register on your website?
Yes, the same no-share rule applies to our website.

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