This is one of the first years that I did not make any resolutions on January 1st. Not that I tire of doing them, as I feel they set a vision for the coming 12 months. What is that saying by Lewis Carroll? If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. And I certainly like to know where I am going!

I decided -- starting in 2020 -- to pen birthday resolutions instead since my birthday also falls in January (today to be exact). Although losing weight and exercising are two of the top 10 promises people make for the new year, they aren't on my list. Okay, maybe I should exercise more but everybody knows resolutions are not about "should do's" and more about what to get and give in life. My life. Your life.

What's common in resolutions that many people make? Well, 71% vow to diet, 65% say exercise more, 54% want to be skinnier and 32% spend less, save more. Only about 16% are still on track by January 31st. The saddest part of the statistics are that only 17% want to read more and 26% learn a new skill. Spending time with friends and family was at the bottom of the list at 13%. Really? Maybe if that was #1 instead of #10, the resolution would be easier to keep all year?

What is important or inspires you? We're all different and need to plan our own journey and find our own road. Thus, I am not going to share what my vision is yet I do want to provoke you to thought. And hopefully by the time your birthday rolls around, you'll be thinking of what the year ahead could mean for you. Think of them as gifts to yourself and throw yourself a party! Celebrate the person you are now, the personal growth you want to see and the person you'll be a year from now. Different. Better. Stronger. Smarter. Healthier. Your happiest self.

How? One day at a time. One moment at  a time. One memory at a time. Before you know it, you'll be singing happy birthday again, wondering where the year went. Happy birthday to YOU!