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Hydrate & Eliminate!
Water BottleYour body has a natural system for eliminating wastes and toxins via the skin, GI tract, kidneys and bladder. One of the best ways to keep all of them "clean" is with continual "flushing" of lots of water. Your blood which is the transit for many wastes is 90% water and water is considered nature's laxative. Optimal hydration is key to a healthy body and bladder.
One painful condition for women in particular is a urinary tract infection (UTI). If you have repeated infections, try cranberry extract as it helps prevent bacteria from sticking to bladder walls. Probiotics support a healthy pH balance. If you already have a UTI, seek professional help as an untreated UTI could cause complications for the kidneys so antibiotic treatment may be warranted.

For men, an enlarged prostate could restrict flow, provoke inflammation, and result in many night time trips to the bathroom. If your health care professional considers your condition benign, try saw palmetto Saw Palmetto Plantand juniper berries to reduce the inflammatory response and encourage normal elimination. Way to go!

Another condition which affects both men and women is interstitial cystitis (IC), a painful inflammation of the bladder walls. Besides omega 3 oils (fish, flax, krill), consider Quercetin. This bioflavonoid found in onions and apples is well known for reducing the inflammatory response in allergies and other conditions like IC as well.

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