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Bone Integrity

Bones are living tissue...
They are just harder tissue than the rest of your body for a good reason. Structure for your arm to pick up things, write and eat and for your legs to get you from one place to another. Your ribs protect your heart while your skull keeps your brain safe and intact. And while aging and injury can affect their ability to perform normally, you can help them be as strong as possible for as long as possible with strong nutritional support.

Your bones' internal structure is under constant remodeling. When you are young, bone growth and the building process rules. As you get older, the building process slows down but never really stops. You  peak for bone mass or density around your mid-20s so it is a good  idea to not wait too long to start your healthy bone program. Otherwise you may  not know you have thinner or porous bones and be at risk for osteoporosis until you get a bone scan well into your 50s and 60s.

Interestingly, part of the bone remodeling process is removing old, damaged bone to replace with newer, younger bone cells. That process only happens if your body has the nutritional support to do so. While everyone knows calcium is the main component of bone, other nutrients are on the bone building team. Vitamin D3 is a calcium transporter. Magnesium directs the action of D3. Manganese, boron, vitamin K2, B1 and B6 are others. Even one missing nutrient may mean poor bone building.  
Fibro Care Cal Bone Kit

That's why TyH calls our organic mineral based Fibro-Care Cal™ a "bone building kit in a bottle". Everything you need in one simple package. A funny ingredient called  fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is included as research shows FOS helps good bacteria in the GI tract thrive and absorb minerals better. Living tissue means as long as you are alive, your bones have a potential to be healthy and strong. Feed them well with Fibro-Care Cal™!

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Fibro-Care Cal™ Best Friend for Bone Health

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