Alpha Lipoic for Pre-Diabetes

What’s in a number?  A lot when it is your blood sugar level.

There's an increasing number of people being diagnosed with a condition 
Blue Numbers  on Brie Baclgrpimdcalled "pre-diabetes". This medical label indicates that the blood sugar level is above the number established as healthy. 
An elevated number puts you at risk for diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease.  

The simple truth is that blood sugar is a number. No need to let that number and the associated risks stick around. 

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Nutritional Deficiencies & Disease Risk

Peoole in Pre Diabetes BoxNO sugar coating here...
Someone once told me that you are responsible for what you know. Then who is responsible for what you don’t know? As I researched for the article Pre-Diabetes, Get out of the Box, I found studies dating back to 1976 on the relationship between CoQ10 status and glycemic control. Whoa, say what? Other abstracts pointed out some statin takers went on to develop diabetes. How transparent does the evidence have to be? It’s well known that statins block CoQ10! How many people put on statins were advised of that risk factor, especially since you need CoQ10 for muscle energy? And isn't the heart the most important muscle in your body?

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