Fibromyalgia (FM) is a multi-faceted syndrome that appears to require mufti-faceted answers! One important aspect is the “energy crunch”, primarily caused by low levels magnesium. More than 75% of Americans are low in magnesium and deficiency could be a contributing cause of many FM symptoms. The energy cycle depends on magnesium as its chief officer of operations. But there is more to the energy equation, particularly for fibromyalgia.

Another "crunch" involves mitochondria, the powerhouses within each cell which "make" the energy. Studies suggest that these energy "factories" may not be as efficient in FM. Another supplement, CoQ10, supports mitochondrial function. People with FM and others in chronic pain may not be able to exercise, an action that helps create more mitochondrial energy production.

Two studies which illustrate the CoQ10-mitochondria link show how CoQ10 helps. CoQ10 is a nutrient that helps "boost" mitochondria, protects antioxidant levels and affects AMPK, a regulator of cellular energy levels.

With the winter days fading, it's time to move into spring and get ready to go! Make sure, whether you have FM or not, that you are ready too. Start by getting a red blood cell test of your magnesium level. Given the number of Americans who are low in magnesium, you'll feel better supplementing with an organic form of magnesium, Albion bisglycinate, found in Fibro-Care™. Read more in the Fibro-Care™ Story. CoQ10 is in every cell in your body. If you have FM, many experts suggest 100 mg once or twice a day. See CoQ10, The Antioxidant with Energy.