Farewell Fibromyalgia Network, Thank You Kristin Thorson

With much sadness, I post a farewell notice from the Fibromyalgia Network. TyH has advocated and supported the long-time efforts of founder and President Kristin Thorson for her dedication and service to the fibromyalgia and ME/chronic fatigue syndrome community for the past 25 years. Kristin exemplified an unmatched excellence in her ability to search out, hospital decipher and articulate the ever-changing medical and research aspects of these conditions and present that information in a timely and understandable format through her publication.

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A Blog in Progress

A few months have gotten by us! As you can see by the last date post, the TyH Healthy Exchange is a blog in slow progress. "Constitution" will continue in January 2013 and I look forward to posting more news soon! Just to let you know, we have a monthly e-zine that alerts you to TyH happenings, sales and new products, too. Sign up by email to [email protected]. As always, we have a strict privacy policy and we will never share or sell any of your information. Until next year, be happy and well.

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