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Get with the Program!

Fibromyalgia & SEID (ME/CFS) are complex syndromes.

Get with the Program™ helps take the guesswork out of making important nutritional decisions for your supplement needs. Need help? Just email [email protected]

Steps to TakeProducts

1. Customize Your Program.

Getting well is a process. You can restore nutrients over time and help improve FM and ME/CFS (SEID) symptoms the non-drug way! While replacing low magnesium with Fibro-Care™ is a good start, choose additional nutrients to target individual health needs.
See products in Steps 2-12

2. Evaluate your GI health.

David's Probiotic Blend™ or David's Probiotics™ and Olive Leaf Extract or ESE™ provide distinct benefits to balance the "good" and "bad" bacteria in the gut for proper assimilation of nutrients from food. Optimize food breakdown with digestive enzymes; ginger root as a tummy tonic.
David's Probiotic Blend™ or
David's Probiotics™
Olive Leaf Extract or ESE™
Digesta-Care 8™
Ginger Root

3. Take a multivitamin.

Multi-Gold™, our high potency multiple vitamin and mineral complex, contains Bs for energy and pain support, plus 8 patented, organic Albion® chelate minerals for optimum absorption and tolerability. Multi-Gold™ is the foundation of the Program with 40 health building nutrients.


4. Take extra magnesium & malic acid.

Especially if you have pain and low energy. Fibro-Care™ contains a patented, organic magnesium bisglycinate (chelate), plus cofactor nutrients to optimize absorption. Fibro-Care™ is the #1 supplement for FM, ME/CFS (SEID) and chronic pain because it works! An Albion® Gold Medallion mineral.

5. Maximize energy.

CoQ10 is nutrient fuel for mitochondria, your cellular energy makers, and for heart muscle energy too. Fibro-Ubiquinol™ is the more bioavailable CoQ10 form. David's Fibro-Q10™ matches FM study dosing. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps metabolize fats and sugars for energy. Both are antioxidants. Consider B-12.
 David's Fibro-Q10™
Alpha Lipoic Acid

6. Sleep, Rest & De-Stress.

Valerian Rest™ encourages restful sleep and reduces nighttime wakening. Try David's 5-HTP SR™ and Melatonin to support the sleep-wake cycle (your "body clock"). Calm down over-excited nervous system activity that exacerbates pain with Fibro-GABA™ or CBD (Hemp Extract).
Valerian Rest™
David's 5-HTP SR™
CBD(Hemp Extract)

7. Boost serotonin with David's 5-HTP SR™.

5-HTP is the building block for the neurotransmitter serotonin. A natural anti-depressive agent that helps with REM & NREM sleep, mood, PMS, and decreases pain. Original or sustained release form.

David's 5-HTP SR™

8. Help for pain.

Consider Curcumin ES™ and CBD (Hemp Extract) to support a healthy inflammatory response to fight pain, arthritis, stiffness and aging. Fibro-D3™ supports neuromuscular function and performs a role in pain reduction. CBD Lotion helps reduce the inflammatory response for muscles and joints.
Curcumin ES™
CBD Lotion

9. Clear brain fog.

Support neuron communication with "thought provoking" nutrients like Phosphatidyl Serine or Brain Clear ES™ to help "clear the fog". Another brain helper is Acetyl L-Carnitine.
Phosphatidyl Serine
Brain Clear ES™
Acetyl L-Carnitine

10. Add an Omega-3 oil (fish, flax or krill).

The benefits of omega-3 oils for brain cognition, a healthy heart, weight control, and nervous system as well as fighting inflammation are well known.
Omega-3 Oils
(Fish, Flax & Krill)

11. Consider colostrum.

Studies show serum IGF-1 (growth factor) levels are low in FM and SEID (ME/CFS). Colostrum provides important growth factor nutrients and more than 75% of Dr. Pellegrino's patients report symptom benefit.

12. Secondary conditions.

Arthritis and other chronic pain conditions will benefit from Glucsosamine Chondroitin with MSM, as well as Fibro-Enzymes™. For healthy bones, try Fibro-Care Cal™ with the benefits of Fibro-Care™ plus vitamins K, D3, boron and FOS. The magnesium and calcium in Fibro-Care Cal™ are 100% Albion® Gold Medallion patented chelates and non-competing for effective absorption.
Glucosamine Chondroitin
w/ MSM

Fibro-Care Cal™