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GWTP Chart

Get with the Program™
for Fibromyalgia & SEID (ME/Chronic Fatigue)

1 Customize Your Program.
Getting well is a process.You can restore nutrients over time and improve FM and ME/CFS (SEID) symptoms the non-drug way! While replacing low magnesium with Fibro-Care™ is a good start, choose additional nutrients to target individual health needs.
2  Evaluate your GI health.
David’s  Probiotic Blend™  or David's Probiotics™ and Olive Leaf  Extract or ESE™ provide distinct benefits to balance the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut for proper assimilation of nutrients from food. Optimize food breakdown with Digesta-Care 8™ and Ginger Root as a tummy tonic.
3  Take a multi-vitamin.
Multi-Gold™, our high potency multiple vitamin and mineral complex, contains Bs and malic acid for energy and pain, plus 9 patented, organic Albion® chelate minerals for optimum absorption and tolerability.  Multi-Gold™ is the foundation of the Program with 40 health building nutrients.
4 Take extra magnesium & malic acid.
Especially if you have pain and low energy. Fibro-Care™ contains a patented, organic magnesium bisglycinate (chelate), plus cofactor nutrients to optimize absorption.Fibro Care™ is the  #1 supplement for FM/SEID (ME/CFS) and chronic pain because it works!  An Albion® Gold Medallion product.
5  Maximize energy.
CoQ10 is nutrient fuel for mitochondria, your cellular energy makers, and for heart muscle energy too. Fibro-Ubiquinol™ is the more bioavailable CoQ10 form. David’s Fibro-Q10™ matches FM study dosing.  Alpha Lipoic Acid helps metabolize fats and sugars for energy. Both are antioxidants. Consider B-12.
6  Sleep, Rest & De-Stress.
Valerian Rest™ encourages restful sleep and reduces nighttime wakening. Try  David’s 5-HTP SR™ and Melatonin to support the sleep-wake cycle (your ‘body clock’). Calm down over-excited nervous  system activity that exacerbates pain with Fibro-GABA™ or CBD Oil (tinctures or softgels)
7  Boost serotonin with
David ’s 5-HTP SR™,  the building block for this neurotransmitter. A natural anti-depressive agent that helps with REM and NREM sleep, mood, PMS,and decreases pain. Sustained release form for more gradual dosing.
8  Help for pain.
Consider Curcumin ES™ and CBD Oil (Tinctures,Softgels & Lotions) to support a healthy inflammatory response to fight pain, arthritis stiffness and aging. Fibro-D3™ supports neuromuscular function and performs a role in pain reduction. Sport CBD Lotion helps reduce the inflammatory response for muscles and joints.
9  Clear brain fog.
Support neuron communication with “thought provoking” nutrients like Phosphatidyl Serine or  Brain Clear ES™ to help “clear the fog”. Another brain helper is  Acetyl -L-Carnitine.
10  Add an Omega-3 oil (fish, flax or krill).
The benefits of omega-3 oils for brain cognition, a healthy heart, weight control, and nervous system as well as fighting inflammation are well known.
11 Consider Colostrum.
Studies show serum IGF-1 (growth factor) levels are low in FM and SEID (ME/CFS). Colostrum provides important growth factor nutrients and more than 75% of Dr. Pellegrino’s patients report symptom benefit.
12  Secondary conditions.
Arthritis and other chronic pain conditions will benefit from joint helpers, bone builders and natural inflammatory fighters. Try Glucosamine, Chondroitin with MSM and Hyaluronic Acid for joints.Fibro-Care Cal™ gives you the benefits of Fibro-Care™ plus bone builders K, D3, Boron and FOS. Fibro-Enzymes™ and CBD Oil calm the inflammatory response to promote healing and reduce associated pain.

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