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Can nutritional support help you if you have a chronic condition?Man with Puzzle Piece
We think it's a missing piece of most healing programs.

TyH's original Get with the Program (GWTP) was designed to help people with fibromyalgia, SEID (ME/chronic fatigue syndrome), arthritis and chronic pain because Margy's focus was to help people like her husband David who has fibromyalgia. At the time TyH was started, little was offered in the way of non-drug, complementary therapies. Through education and research, and with the help of leading "fibro" doctors, GWTP was created.

One condition led to another until we had other "programs" for people with multiple sclerosis, celiac, Crohn's -- well you get the picture. Although numerous research studies link nutritional deficiencies to specific disorders and correcting those deficiencies could result in improvements, we are not not doctors. While we're happy to share what we learn, please be smart shoppers. Share anything you decide to take with your health care professional.

Remember, healing is  a process that takes time so be patient!

Have a topic or question you'd like addressed? Be sure to contact us. We are here for YOU and happy to help!

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