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GWTP Pre-Program Detox

Is Your GI Toxic?

Pre-Program Detox

by M Squires
Everyone knows the often quoted adage, “all disease starts in the gut”. Credit for the saying goes to Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, some 2500 years ago. Amazingly it’s true. Scientists studying the GI microbiome are just beginning to understand the intricate GI workings and signaling network that apparently influences every other system in the body. Specifically, GI trouble affects nutrient absorption and immunity so no wonder that disease would start there. So it’s the first place your detox should start if your body needs help.

How do you know if your GI is toxic? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Does your tummy balk at taking supplements?
  • Do you often have trouble digesting foods? 
  • Is your elimination regular every morning?
  • Does your GI grumble and moan for no reason?
  • Do you feel sluggish? Have poor energy? 
  • Have aches & pains in muscles/joints? 
  • Struggle with skin issues or unexplained rashes?
  • Crave sugar?
  • Have trouble losing or gaining weight?

You have more than 400 kinds of GI bacteria, not all “good”. Symptoms of a “bad” bacteria overgrowth or imbalance are: Candida. Leaky gut. Irritable bowel syndrome. Spastic bowel. Constipation. Diarrhea. Nutrient malabsorption that impacts most disorders. You cannot be well if your GI tract is un-well.

This detox requires only two products. Olive Leaf Extract to “clean” out the toxins (parasites, yeast, viruses, oh, my!) and David’s Probiotics™ to “replenish” the “good” bacteria that keeps your microbiome in balance and functional.

Use the handy chart on the right and follow the steps. You may feel a bit flu-like the first couple of days. It’s a good sign! Your body is “cleaning house”. Loose stools are your body’s way of “emptying the trash”. Just reduce your doses and proceed more slowly at your own pace. Remember to drink lots of water to help the detox process. Stay with it and soon you will agree with Hippocrates as you will feel so much better!

Pre-Program GI Detox

CLEAR & REPLENISH (14 days) 

See Notes below for help choosing your product strength . 


Days 1-7 Olive leaf Extract or ESE will clear your intestines of unwanted visitors like parasites,viruses and excessive yeast. Dose: 1-2 Caps up to 3 times per day in a divided dose. 

Days 8-14 Continue on Olive Leaf Extract or ESE™ during the day. Start taking David’s Probiotic Blend™ or Davids Probiotics before bedtime, at least one hour after your last Olive Leaf Extract or ESE™ dose .


David’s Probiotic Blendor Davids Probiotics will replenish the friendly bacteria which is necessary to digest food and absorb nutrients, as well as to balance the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the small intestines. Dose: 2 caps David’s Probiotic Blend™ or Davids Probiotics™ at bedtime, at least one hour after your last Olive Leaf Extract or ESE™ dose.

  • Drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins .
  • Stay on a yeast and sugar free diet while detoxing .
  • Add vitamin C to boost immunity .
  • Consider Alpha Lipoic Acid for liver support and energy .
  • Consider Digesta-Care 8™ to optimize digestion and nutrient intake .
  • You’ll feel more energized after a week .
  • Repeat detox 2-3 times a year as needed .
  • You may want to stay on a daily dose of 1-2 caps of Olive Leaf Extract during the day and 1-2 caps of David’s Probiotic Blend™ or David’s Probiotics™ taken at bedtime as maintenance .
  • 14 days is not a magic number!
  • Stay on the Program longer only if your yeast overgrowth is long-standing. If you stop too soon, yeast may not be completely eliminated and regain control . 

Note 1: Olive Leaf Extract is 6% oleuropein content and Olive Leaf ESE™ is 18% oleuropein content so it is 3x stronger.You may need to take fewer doses with ESE™ . 

Note 2: David’s Probiotic Blend™ contains 4 billion organisms and 8 different probiotic strains for daily use. David’s Probiotics™ is 6 times stronger and has 10 different probiotic strains for therapeutic use.

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