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GWTP Story


Margy Squires started To Your Health (TyH) in 1993 to help her husband, David, who has fibromyalgia (FM). David preferred to try non-drug options to diminish his symptoms common to FM. 

the story behind the Program

Margy and David were co-leaders for 3 years for the first Scottsdale, Arizona fibromyalgia support group. At that time, the only place to get any information on FM was attending groups or conferences. They traveled nationally, networking with researchers, health care professionals and fellow FMers. Poorly understood, FM was identified first in muscles, then joints and even in the brain. The current term “amplified pain syndrome” suggests a malfunction in the nervous system. But what’s in a name? No matter what FM is called, people still deal with the pain, flares, sleep and cognitive fog. 

There’s still no effective drug treatment for FM. Research began in 1990 based on diagnostic criteria set up by the American College of Rheumatology. In 2007, the first of four drugs was approved for FM use by the FDA. While they worked for some of the people some of the time, research analysis found only 20% of FMers stayed on them past one year. 

David recalls when he was first diagnosed how he looked for that one “magic bullet” that would “fix” his fibromyalgia. He‘d try one thing and if it didn’t work, move onto the next. But after using Fibro-Care™ and Valerian Rest™ and finding relief, he realized one was not enough, plus healing takes time. Correcting a magnesium deficiency can take up to several months. He imagined a “fibro” pie. A “slice” of Fibro-Care™ for magnesium and energy. A “slice” of Multi-Gold™ to cover several nutrient deficiencies. A “slice” of Valerian Rest™ to support restful sleep. He called it his “pie theory”. 

Margy took the idea and launched Get with the Program™ (GWTP) in 2002, using a simple chart to help customers choose the products which could help them feel better. GWTP may seem like a big pie, but the first piece is easy – Fibro-Care™. Most health care professionals believe correcting a magnesium deficiency in FM is necessary for getting better. Another critical piece is addressing poor sleep, which can make a difference on next day brain fog, pain and being able to cope. 

One of the hardest parts about having fibro David learned was finding his personal answers. He says, “You have to figure out what works for you specifically. Educating yourself is your biggest weapon to being well and healthy.” 

TyH believes education is the cornerstone of wellness so you can “choose wisely”. We hope the Program helps you to do just that. 

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