Hurray for the season of joy! Joy Gift Under TreeI hope you are shopping smart during the holidays. While I am all into retail therapy, I also recognize the need not to unbalance the budget while doing and feeling good about giving! As we hand over that magic plastic, consider one more gift on your list to yourself, the gift of health. Amidst the stress and skimping on sleep to get everything done, remember to take your supplements to both keep up your energy and support your relaxation when it is time for you to unwind. 

Even though December is the last month of the year, anytime is a good time to take care of yourself.

Doing your shopping online? Put on your protective blue light glasses and pop a few Lutein ES™, the bioflavonoid that helps lessen computer strain. Lutein also supports a healthy macular, the central vision of your eyes. Maybe you are running around the city going from store to store to find your best buys? The cold weather can make joints stiffer and achier. Do your joints a favor and opt for Glucosamine and Chondroitin with MSM to bolster the cushioning between bones, especially knees.

Add both to your shopping bag as both are on sale this month. Why not stock up and buy extra to stick in a stocking or pass along to a friend?

Remember too that the reason for the season is about faith and family.
Pause. Reflect. Be thankful for all the gifts that have come into your life so far this year. Enjoy your friends and family in real time. Be present in their lives. You will never regret spending time making happy memories that linger long after the wrapping paper is gone. 

Joy GiftIt’s been one of our holiday traditions to close TyH so our families can have the precious gift of time. This year our holiday closure is December 26th to the 30th. Make sure to order by December 15th please!

Like the wise men, our holiday wishes are three: Travel safely. Stay TyH healthy. Enjoy a wonderfully blessed Christmas from all of us at TyH!

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