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Health Concerns

The ideal life plan is to be and stay healthy!
Start with Multi-Gold™ to give you foundational nutrients on a daily basis. Your body will get nourished with the building blocks to strengthen immune function, build cells, tissues and bones, plus fortify other functions like thinking and making energy. In fact, research suggests nutritional deficiencies may be involved in the disease process so making sure your body is nutritionally well fortified is plain common sense.

Then take aim! A good preliminary step in your health plan is to know your family history. Then you can add targeted nutrients specific to your health risks. Likewise, if you get diagnosed (or "pre" diagnosed) with a health condition, find out what to do to help your body heal and recover. With 24 years of experience, an Advisory Panel of experts and a passion for health, TyH is here to help you be as healthy as you can be.

Besides these articles, be sure to visit the Health Concerns page for more information about supplements for your health concerns.

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