Sweltered Woman with Beach BackgroundDo you want flexible connective tissues and a more youthful tone to your skin? The answer might surprise you! Hyaluronic Acid (HA) may be a challenge to pronounce but it's an essential body component that offers you "youthful" benefits. 

This slippery substance that your body makes naturally to lubricate joints and add a dewy glow to your skin is well-known to science. Injections of HA help some with joint pain due to arthritis and trauma that damages the joint lining. Adding HA to topical creams and cosmetics has been the norm for more than a decade. Since you make less HA with age, it makes sense that adding HA back into your health routine could help you feel and look younger than your years. You can easily do this by taking an oral HA supplement that works from the inside out. 

 In short, hyaluronic acid: 
  • is a clear & gel-like molecule made by your body Clear Watery Molecules
  • has a primary function to hold water & keep tissues hydrated 
  • can hold up to 1000x its weight in water 
  • is found naturally in connective tissues, skin, joint cushioning & eyes
  • used in oral supplements, skin care products, physician prescribed injections for joints & more 

Customers ask if they take HA, do they continue their other joint helpers? Actually, HA works quite well with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM since it is part of joint cushioning. TyH’s HA includes MSM for a boost in connective tissue benefits. Likewise, adding David’s Collagen UC-II (chicken collagen) is also an option, which helps with any inflammatory issues, too. Is hyaluronic acid safe? 

Contrary to its acid name, HA works gently and does not upset tummies when taken orally as a supplement. Multiple studies report its efficacy and soothing benefits for the skin for rosacea, injections into joints (physicians only please) and HA is FDA-approved for use in eye surgeries to keep the eye hydrated. 

How do you take HA and for how long? The typical dose is 100-200 mg (1-2 capsules) taken once or twice a day. How long you take it depends on how long you want the benefits! Just like you nourish your body with food three times a day, supplements must be taken regularly and daily. In several studies, HA was taken for 8 to 12 weeks for results of firmer, more hydrated skin .For a “significantly significant” difference in joints and muscles, a published review noted improvement in as little as 4 weeks, with an average of 8 weeks. 

Relaxing After

Take care of yourself by treating yourself kindly. Move. Rest. Replenish. Although no one has discovered the magical Fountain of Youth (yet), take TyH's Hyaluronic Acid along with your other daily supplements. It is one well-known way to keep some of that youthful flexibility in your joints and skin! 

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