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Liver Function

The liver plays a central role in all metabolic processes in the body.
Man Looking at MoleculesThe liver is your largest solid organ with a long "to do" list. Not only does it help metabolize fats and sugars, it converts and stores nutrients for your body to use on demand. The liver neutralizes toxic substances that you eat and drink into harmless ones to keep your blood "clean" and sends the rest to the kidneys and intestines for elimination. It produces bile to break down fats and stores glycogen, a form of sugar, for energy. The liver also helps form proteins that assist in blood clotting and makes cholesterol which your body needs.

Helping your liver do its job effectively results in better cholesterol, sugar and weight control, plus lightens the load on your immune system. Nutrients that support the liver are alpha lipoic (aids in fat and sugar metabolism), vitamin C, digestive enzymes and of course, a multi-vitamin for general well-being. And don't forget to get omega-3 (fish, flax or krill), good fats that help balance out the too many omega-6s in our diets.

One cool factor about the liver you should know -- it is vrey forgiving and capable of regeneration -- when given proper care!

Suggested Reading: Liver Defense with ALA.

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