Immune Support & More from Fungi! Forest Mushroom
Are you afraid of medicinal mushrooms?
Talk about mushrooms and some people conjure up an image of plucking strange, poisonous plants in the woods while others see a plate of edible delicacies. Thankfully, you can reap mushrooms; medicinal bounty without the worry or the work by simply picking a supplement at the store instead of in the forest!  

Mushrooms aren’t really plants since they lack chlorophyll and a plant structure of leaves, stem and roots. They belong to the fungus family of organisms. There are more than 10,000 kinds and several different categories, one of which is medicinal. Notable examples are reishi, lion’s mane turkey tail, cordyceps and shitake.

Despite a long and historic use for various disorders, their medicinal value has only recently been established.

Both the activity and synergy of these once mysterious miniatures have been revealed through rigorous and challenging scientific testing. Fungi contain a complexity of enzymes, nutrients and phytochemicals that have remarkable potential to:

  • Boost immunity with nutritional protection (Vitamins B, D, antioxidants & fiber)

  • Help your stress response

  • Improve brain health, mood & cognition

  • Support overall well-being with specialized polysaccharides that have anti-cancer, anti-obesity & anti-diabetes properties

  • Lower inflammation, cholesterol & blood pressure

  • Lessen chronic fatigue & increase energy

  • Act as anti-fungal, anti-viral & anti-bacterial agents
Time to add medicinal mushrooms to your health program!
Supplements provide a way to blend like properties of these medicinal wonders into one formula to give you a safe and easy way to take them. Since astralagus is another well-known and helpful herb for immunity and often added to immunity formulas for its synergy and support.

You'll find David’s Mushroom Blend™ is good for immune health as it contains both medicinal mushrooms and astragalus. Many of TyH’s customers take it with good results during times of duress or viral threats and also to aid recovery. That’s why David recommends it for you, too!  

David also recommends Netflix’s science documentary film, Fantastic Fungi where you can “delve into the magical world of fungi”. You'll see there's really nothing to be scared about after all! 

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