Peoole in Pre Diabetes Box

NO sugar coating here...
Someone once told me that you are responsible for what you know. Then who is responsible for what you don’t know? As I researched for the article Pre-Diabetes, Get out of the Box, I found studies dating back to 1976 on the relationship between CoQ10 status and glycemic control. Whoa, say what? Other abstracts pointed out some statin takers went on to develop diabetes. How transparent does the evidence have to be? It’s well known that statins block CoQ10! How many people put on statins were advised of that risk factor, especially since you need CoQ10 for muscle energy? Isn't the heart the most important muscle in your body? What else am I missing? While I try to be responsible for my health, I still depend on the medical experts to "take care" of me. Yet the American model of medical care is so frustrating because it operates on a sick system rather than a preventative one.

Just once can we skip the sugar coating and tell it like it is? I am amazed when I find early studies suggesting nutrient deficiencies and yet no recommendation is made to supplement the low nutrient. My classic example is fibromyalgia with its known magnesium deficiency, a mineral that is master of so many enzyme processes and required for serotonin synthesis. Since pain is a hallmark of fibro and serotonin helps modify pain signals, why not fix the known magnesium problem and see what is left to fix.

What do we know? Americans are getting more obese and unhealthy. Yet labels such as "pre-diabetes" and "pre-cholesterol" seem to be a license for offering yet another drug panacea. Even when the U.S. National Library of Medicine publishes on nutritional studies, many abstracts end with "inconclusive or more studies need to be performed". Worse yet, when certain disease pathologies are discovered, as in the case of diabetes due to statins, why is the classic response to design a new drug without that side effect? If CoQ10 is low in pre-diabetes, why not offer a CoQ10 prescription.

Articles in the Health Library are written to help you recognize some of the key supplements that do help you be well. The major lifestyle generated disease of diabetes and metabolic syndrome carry the risk of heart attack and stroke that can be prevented if you have enough knowledge to do so.

Praemonitus, praemunitus. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

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