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Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

Thank you so much! I don't think I could survive without Fibro-Care™ and colostrum!
– Susan A, AZ

Fibro-Care™ is my favorite product. My daughter uses it too for fibromyalgia. Your products are excellent and I fee safe using them.
– Jane J, HI

Thank you so much. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1991 when almost no one thought it was a real syndrome, my only relief at the time was physical therapy which was very expensive and somewhere about a year or two later I discovered TyH and Fibro-Care™. It was such a relief to have something that helped along with being active to keep my muscles loose. Along the way I have added Multi-Gold™, Fibro-Care Cal™ and David's 5-HTP SR™. I am 71 and am able to live a fairly active life with a lot less discomfort than in the past. I thank God everyday for Fibro-Care™ and TyH for helping me feel better and with a lot less flare-ups. Whenever I come across someone who has been newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia I always tell them to at least try Fibro-Care™ and give them a catalog and/or your email address.
– Susan P, NJ

TyH products are the best! I have used them for over 20 years. At times, I've tried cheaper brands but always come back to TyH because of your quality products! My favorite product is Fibro-Care Cal™. It helps so much with the muscle pain!
– Betty T, NE

I am so excited to be a winner! I never win anything and this is so awesome. I have used your products for years and especially like Fibro-Care™, Fibro-Ubiquinol™, and the 5 HTP. They have kept me functioning pain free. Once again, thank you for your wonderful products.
– Carol F, MT

Thanks so much! Since I finally received the fibromyalgia diagnosis, after 7 years of symptoms and many doctors, I have appreciated the availability of the TyH products, especially Fibro-Care™, so much. I have found supplements to be extremely beneficial in the management of the symptoms, and have been able to work part-time for 25 years.
– Barbara B, WV

Fibro-Care™ and Fibro-Care Cal™ have been lifesavers for me! They have helped with my migraines, energy levels and overall wellness. I've taken these for over 15 years and can always tell when I slack on my order. I became acquainted with your product through my grandmother who has fibromyalgia so I guess you could say we are a TyH family. She's still a believer too! Thank you for the many quality products and the great information that you share.
– Kristen W, KS

I bought Tender Point Lotion™ with my last order. It really works for me! I have FMS, which was aggravated by a serious car crash last November and have an array of lotions, ointments and creams to treat the muscle, joint and tissue pain. Believe me: lots of them! This is working the best. Thank you!
– Lorraine T, ME

Thanks so much to TyH! I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years. You have been a godsend to help me manage this. My favorite product is Fibro-Care™. I also like many others: vitamin D3, Multi-Gold™, David’s Probiotics™, etc. I love the articles and explanations of the products, so educational. I was a CLS (clinical laboratory scientist) so all the functions of these products are inherently interesting to me. Think you have to treat yourself with supplements to manage fibro. TyH is exceptionally helpful when trying to keep an edge on your body, symptoms, and well being. THANKS for being there for us!
– Ginny U, IA

Thank you for drawing my name for the Winner’s Circle. I like the help and advice that you give. I like the healthy products. I use a number of the products, most especially the Multi-Gold™ & Fibro-Care™. Thank you.
– Lois B, IA

I just started with products from TyH but I shop TyH because you are dedicated to helping people with fibromyalgia. I am planning on using the David’s Fibro-Q10™ to the study standards. I hope it will help with my pain and increase my energy. Keep up with your research as you are one of the few companies I know that dedicates itself to finding ways to help those who suffer from fibromyalgia.
– Susan K, OH

I’ve been using Fibro-Care™ for years for my fibromyalgia pain. It works! When I run out, my pain returns. I highly recommend this product.
– Debby W, CO

My favorite products are the Multi-Gold™ and Fibro-Care™. I have had so much trouble trying to convert from prescription meds to natural methods to treat my fibromyalgia. My doctor cut me loose as a patient, and I basically was left on my own to figure things out. TyH has been a life saver! I trust the products and they have helped me get my symptoms back under control.
Thanks so much,
– Jessica T, SC

I've been using the Fibro-Care Cal™ for about 20 years now, and I really find that it helps me, so I keep using it! Thank you.
– Janice V, CO

My husband and I have been using your products for many years and are very pleased with them. My favorite is Omega-3 ES™. Within the last year or so, we took an omega-3 blood test at home and sent it in to find out what our omega-3 index was. My index was over 11% and my husband's was over 9%. Both were high. We were quite pleased that we are getting what we should be with your Omega-3 ES™. Your products are very high quality.
– Kathy H, WI

I have found that TyH's 5-HTP and Fibro-GABA™ supplements have been beneficial to me since they help me to relax at night and sleep much better. Thank You.
– Becky G, MN

My daughter takes Fibro-Care™ to aid in the symptoms of fibromyalgia. She takes it 2-3 times daily depending on the severity of the symptoms. She has run out a few times and she can tell the difference within a day or two of not taking it. She has constant pain and with the Fibro-Care™ the pain is usually not as intense.
– Paul V, AZ

Tender Point Lotion™ is not another icy hot type product. Instead, it works better the more you use it. It has different ingredients like MSM, Celadrin, and Arnica. I am very happy with this product I use it on my butt and hips and apply before going to bed.
– Mark C, IL

I've been using your products for at least 20 years. And I've done absolutely wonderful with them. Thank you so much!
– Betty B, MN

I have been a customer for several years. The product that I would say is my favorite is Fibro-Care™. It really does help with the Fibromyalgia. I use several products.
– Marie L.

I trust TyH with everything I need. I have a whole shelf of TyH products! The best ones for me have been Fibro-Care™ and Olive Leaf ESE™. The products have been so outstanding I could write a book on them!
– Molly J.