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Healthy is as Healthy does.Open Supplement
TyH believes that optimal nutrient intake will help keep you healthy and if you're health challenged, are necessary to support your wellness efforts. Much of our produce today – through early harvesting, long transport and even longer storage capabilities – lack nutrients gleaned from vitamin and mineral rich soil. While fruits and veggies may "look good" in the supermarket, research suggests it may be deficient in nutrients when compared to those of 50 years ago. So if you're not buying or growing organically, what are you consuming? Perhaps pesticides, hormones and other additives that actually rob nutrients and upset your health balance?

Supplementing is one way to ensure you get your daily share of nutrients. Start with a multi-vitamin-mineral complex like Multi-Gold™ and add other supplements as you need. One way we've made choosing easier is through Get with the Program. Originally designed for fibromyalgia and SEID, we've expanded to other health conditions on request. If you do not see a program for your needs under Health Concerns, email us. Or call us at 800-801-1406. We're here to help you be as healthy as you can be!

Knowing what nutrients can do for your health and how they "work" in your body is a start to taking them effectively and safely. Even if you're new to the idea of using herbs and supplements, we'll give you all the tools to make choosing easier. You'll also find a lot of great information in the free articles in our library.

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