Be more flexible. Move more freely. 

Mom and Daughter stretchingOsteoarthritis (OA) is the most common arthritis, affecting 32 million US adults. While age is a common factor, trauma can cause premature arthritic changes in your younger years. 

OA can be painful, with inflammatory degenerative damage to joints and cartilage over time. Cartilage is a strong but flexible tissue that is made up mostly of collagen. It both cushions and lubricates the joints. Loss of mobility in OA is common, especially in the knees. Often non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) offer the only relief for many. But NSAIDs also carry the unwelcome risks of GI bleed and liver dysfunction with long-term use. 

 There’s a safer alternative to staying mobile.

Your body is made up of several different types of collagen that help keep you flexible.  UC-II® is a patented form of undenatured chicken collagen that is shown in several well-controlled clinical studies to improve joint health effectively and positively.  UC-II® works in the gut to activate your body’s natural immune response. 

Specifically, patented UC-II® collagen  alleviates the inflammatory T-cell response and activates T-regulatory cells to reduce cartilage damage. By targeting  the inflammatory response, you'll also decrease associated pain and potential insult. This positive UC-II® action results in improved joint comfort and mobility. 

The Indentured Difference
Chicken collagen is available in a hydrolyzed form. It is highly processed and the molecules are much smaller, making it less stable and requiring large doses (10 grams or 10,000 mg vs one 40 mg UC-II®).  

Undenatured  chicken collagen (UCC), on the other hand, retains its molecular structure, especially its fundamental epitopes, due to minimal processing. This preserves its biological activity as well as its ability to "work" effectively.

By passing through the stomach intact, UCC enters the intestines where it can influence the immune response. The preserved UCC epitopes bind and communicate with the immune system to stop it from attacking its own type II collagen found in joint cartilage. This mechanism is unique to UCC and why such a low dose is needed. 

UCC may further protect joint integrity by promoting new collagen synthesis as it contains both chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. The regeneration of new cartilage cushions and shields the ends of bones from "wear and teat". 

Results Backed by Research 
You may be thinking this is too good to be true Or wondering, how soon can you feel results? Any time between 1-3 months according to studies.  Since the dose was only 40 mg UC-II® once a day, compliance (taking the dose) in the stud  was easy.  It's an easy dose for you, too! 

Let's look at a 2013 study of 45 men in their mid-40s who took 40 mg UC-II® daily for 120 days. They were tested before, during and at the end of the study with a stepmill exercise. They reported decreased joint pain and improved comfort following the stepmill exercise. For those of you who do not know what a stepmill is, it is a revolving set of steps that simulate climbing up a flight of stairs and has variable speeds to increase intensity.  Stairs are a challenge for. many with painful joints and muscles. 

How does UC-II® compare to glucosamine, a traditional arthritis supplement?  Another study compared a daily dose of glucosamine (1500 mg) and chondroitin (1200 mg) against one 40 mg dose of UC-II®. The study group consisted of patients with moderate to severe knee OA. Those in the UC-II® group experienced symptom relief and better mobility sooner than the 90-day period. This is good news for those allergic to the shellfish source of glucosamine and those who  want quicker results in a shorter period of time.If you already take glucosamine, you may want to consider adding UC-II® as they "work" well together. 

Also studied for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA is one of the autoimmune arthritis in which the body’s own immune system mistakenly attacks its own cells and tissues of the joints. RA prescriptions are aimed  at modifying the body’s response, thus hopefully slowing or stopping destruction. Unfortunately they also depress your ability to fight off  viruses and bacteria.  A 2009  Chinese study of 503 patients compared Methotrexate  treatment to undenatured chicken collagen. Those receiving the undenatured chicken collagen showed “significantly improved joint function with fewer and milder adverse effects” than those on Methotrexate.

One small dose delivers big benefits. 

So what's your "dis"-ability to movement? About 1 in 4 US adults suffer with non-arthritic joint pain and disease. In a published study of adults 45-65 years old, the single dose of  40 mg of UC-II® was given for 8 weeks.  They conveyed  a higher reduction of joint discomfort, pain and stiffness compared to the placebo group. Some noticed improvement after only 4 weeks into the study.

Help for Fido, too. Lonza, makers of UC-II® , has also studied the product in large dog breeds at the human dose with equal relief in case your  four pawed friend needs help. Dogs were more energetic and playful following 90-day therapy.

Reasons to Take UC-II®
  • Modulate the immune system to promote a healthy inflammatory response
  • Reduce discomfort & increase flexibility
  • Support structural integrity of the body
  • Maintain cartilage
  • Improve skin elasticity to enhance physical appearance
  • If you have OA, RA & other painful musculoskeletal conditions 
Navy Sneakers
Simple and safe dosing. UC-II® has a strong safety record and can be taken long term.  Its small daily dose is remarkable, too, given the big benefits this joint helper provides. 

You'll find UC-II® in David’s Collagen ES™ -- the right collagen to help you be more flexible and move  freely throughout life! 

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