one bare treeMost of our readers know I am not one to make new year's resolutions. I believe you make your life one day at a time, one decision at a time. But the change of a calendar page is as good a starting point as any, whether it is to a new month or a new year.

Season to season. Winter holds secrets it tells only to spring, passing along a ritual of unfolding that marvels the eye. Bare, dark trees to a bloom of leaves. Will it be a promise of apples? Sweet cherry blossoms? Or simply a nest for a grateful family of birds and a haven for squirrels. Like nature, so too the human spirit goes through its season of change, perhaps from the dark to the light. From broken to healing. New growth beyond its present hibernation. Life's mystery lying just beneath the cold and the hidden.

This post is from the editor letter of the January 2016 issue of Health Points. An issue with a blend of the yesterday, today and hopeful renewal of tomorrow. Current research on ubiquinol. Picking the best of the crop (GMP for Me). Calming the inner fires with enzymes. Body detoxification and protection with herbs and probiotics. Quenching allergies with quercetin. Minding the aging brain.

Our Reader Story from Jolaine exemplifies my message - the season you're in may have its mysteries. You may not know all the answers at once. You might not have a plan or a place to go but keep going anyway, moving forward. Because ultimately your future will bloom.

Let yesterday go. Live for today. Let tomorrow come.

bare trees

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