it's not over until it's over...Margy at Wellness Fair

On January 27, the Tonto Verde Resort in Arizona sponsored a Wellness Fair and invited To Your Health to exhibit, along with other wellness providers offering education on acupuncture, essential oils, massage, physical therapy, nutrition and other holistic therapies. It was fun to interact with attendees and other health professionals in the relaxing and beautiful Tonto Verde Clubhouse. Margy at the fair (right).

The theme of our presentation was "it's not over until it's over", spotlighting how to stay healthy the TyH way during the cold and flu season. Cold and Flu Season ProgramThe flu was officially deemed an epidemic this year, hitting every U.S. state and shows no sign of slowing down so don't let your defensive guard down! Our suggestion: Start with a solid foundational, Multi-Gold, our signature multi-vitamin-mineral with antioxidants and optimal daily nutrients. Add daily Olive Leaf Extract to combat virus and bacterial "bugs". Fortify the GI tract with David's Probiotics as immunity starts in here (especially activating the immune response to invaders). With a focus on prevention for those who managed to miss the flu and fortification for those who were rallying from the nasty strain going around this year, we offered articles, newsletters and of course, the TyH line of defense products.

We also displayed DERMA E's DMAE line. DMAE is known as nature's firming agent. The daily moisturizer contains Alpha Lipoic Acid the universal antioxidant, C-Ester (vitamin C) plus moisturizing Jojoba Oil and nourishing Vitamins A and E. Firming DMAE is designed to visibly help skin by promoting healthy collagen levels, the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues which makes it more resilient. Skin may lose collagen and “sag” with age or with overexposure to sun and toxins like smoking. Add a weekly microdermabrasion regimen to gently exfoliate old dull skin cells to help prompt your body to make a new, "younger" looking you. DMAE helps your skin look younger and firmer with a more natural glow.

Ivy at Wellness Fair TyH also offered $25 gift certificates to wellness participants. Winners were Audrey J. and Betty B. Congrats, ladies, and a great healthy start to 2018! Ivy at the fair (left).

Take advantage of the Wellness Fair by reading these articles and shopping the products, too.

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