We discovered an interesting reason why one TyH Online customer could not complete her order. It appears there is a credit card fraud practice of using all 0's for a CVV or CID number in cases where a credit card is not present, such as in the case with internet shopping. The CVV or CID number is the 3 digit security check, typically found on the back of a credit card need the signature line. What do you do if your card has 3 zeros?

We contacted our banker and they confirmed that 000 can be used as a default number and may go through as a charge based on that entry, whether the number is actually 000 or not. Since the this number is required for all orders at TyH Online and 000 is a security risk, our web ordering software does not allow the CVV or CID number of 000.

Given that scenario we asked if a customer wanted to get a new card so they would not have 000 as the CVV or CID could they? The bank's response was absolutely and recommend that action for the cardholder. These numbers are assigned at random so banks do not know without inspecting every card so it would be wise for you to be aware of your risk if your card indeed has 000 security digits. If your credit card was issued the CVV or CID numbers of 000, you may want to contact your bank and request a replacement card.

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