Longevity. Anti-Aging. Buzz words of our times for good reason as the workforce extends into the 70s and life beyond age 75. So the question is, will supplements help in your quest to stay as healthy as possible and slow that ticking clock?

If you stick around long enough, are you an antique? One of the definitions for antique is "a work of art that has high value because of its considerable age". Never thought of yourself as a work of art? According to a recent study, getting enough of this mineral helps longevity by influencing factors related to aging. And it's not the first supplement to be in the news as having anti-aging benefits.

Before we alert you on the newest longevity boost, can nutrients really make you younger? Yes and no… Although they don’t actually reverse the clock and make you 25 again, the process by which we age is becoming more evident to researchers, particularly when it comes to gene control. Many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (which include bioflavonoids) contribute to anti-aging on 2 levels: they keep cells alive to see another day and protect against negative effects such as free radicals which affect genetic material.

One anti-aging intervention is caloric restriction but it's a hard pill to swallow. Previous studies show resveratrol has positive influences on the longevity gene in the same way as calorie restricting without cutting the calories. A recent study suggests magnesium may also have similar benefits in mimicking the same mechanisms as calorie restriction, too. Although this is a preliminary cell study, magnesium helps reduce or eliminate structures (R-loops) that disrupt genetic material in a cell and cause death due to the cell’s inability to replicate. You may remember telomeres, the genetic endcaps of chromosomes we've written about before. The longer you keep your telomeres, the better as cells can continue to reproduce (and tissues and organs to repair and stay efficient).

Interestingly, one of the ways caloric restriction lengthens the life of a cell is it increases the amount of magnesium in the cells. Another reason to keep your red blood cell magnesium levels normal or optimal. And the best way to increase your magnesium is with a highly absorbable, organic form like Fibro-Care™. Take a look at the rest of your supplement program. A good foundational multi-vitamin-mineral like Multi-Gold™ gives you optimum B's to convert carbs and fats to energy for brain and cells, includes an antioxidant profile and trace and macro minerals. Consider Resveratrol as a good companion to Fibro-Care™.

For other suggestions to personalize your program, send us a note to [email protected]. We'd be glad to make some recommendations based on what the latest anti-aging news suggests and our two decades of experience in the supplement industry.

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