Zinc for Immunity, Fibromyalgia and...

Zinc, the immune mineral. Wait, there's more!

Zinc the Immune Mineral

Alphabetically, zinc may be found last in the supplement line-up. But you may want to make it first on your shopping list for two very good reasons.  

One, Zinc is quite well-known for supporting the activation of many immune cells involved in defensive actions. Two, it’s often low in fibromyalgia and affects the severity of symptoms in this multi-symptom disorder of pain, brain fog and poor sleep.


The truth is, there are many, many more reasons why you need zinc as there is a long list of accolades beyond immunity and fibro. 

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Understanding Anxiety in Fibromyalgia

Lady relaxing by lakeFibromyalgia is a complex syndrome with a myriad of symptoms, including anxiety. What drives this angst and why to do about it is the subject of our latest TyH blog post. 

Fibromyalgia is often linked to depression and anxiety, but should it be? If you are one of many with fibro who feel anxious and a bit wired, there’s a reason for those symptoms. 

Learn why you feel that way and how to tame the anxiety beast. 

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The Mystery of Long COVID

Fatigue. Brain fog. Sensory deficits like smell and taste. Muscle and joint pain. Heart palpitations. Difficulty breathing. Sleep disturbances. Can anything help these and other symptoms of long COVID?


The Mystery of Long COVID

So much was unknown during the COVID-19 pandemic that started in November 2019 and left Americans defenseless during its devastating duration. How did the pandemic start? When will it end? How will it affect me?  Are the vaccines safe and should I get one?  What do I do if I get sick? Almost four years later,as the masks slowly come off, families and businesses pick up the pieces and move on to find normalcy.

Some, however, are left in. the wake, fighting symptoms that still dominate their lives in what is being called long COVID. For them, the mystery continues. 

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Why YOU Need Alpha Lipoic Acid to Live Well

Biking CoupleBack when we first wrote about alpha lipoic acid (ALA), it was considered the new kid on the supplement block. Since then, countless research studies show how valuable ALA is to your health, yet few seem to know this supplement's name. With its wide range of  benefits, ALA should be on everyone's supplement program. So keep reading. You'll find out why YOU need ALA too!

According to research, taking ALA makes a difference in the health of your heart, liver, blood sugar levels, weight, brain and indirectly on neuropathic pain. So, how long  do you want to live healthy?

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Could Quercetin Help with Inflammation?

Quercetin for Health
Decades of dedicated research, studies show quercetin could make a difference in your health. It appears that this colorful pigment found in fruits and veggies has a positive effect on the inflammatory response by its influence as an antioxidant, antiviral and on gut health, too.

Let’s be honest. Not all inflammation is “bad”. During an injury, inflammation is a necessary result of your body’s efforts to foster healing and fight infection However, prolonged inflammation is a threat to every cell everywhere in your body. When inflammation lingers, often so does the pain, long after the injury heals.

What causes inflammation besides bodily injury? Scientist have determined that free radicals are one known mediator. Bad news is free radicals are unavoidable. In fact, day to day body functions – like breathing and digesting food – create free radicals via normal biochemical pathways.  There are, however, steps you can take to minimize the damage that free radicals cause. Good news is that quercetin is one of those steps.

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