Hyaluronic Acid for a More Youthful You!

Sweltered Woman with Beach BackgroundDo you want flexible connective tissues and a more youthful tone to your skin? The answer might surprise you! Hyaluronic Acid (HA) may be a challenge to pronounce but it's an essential body component that offers you "youthful" benefits. 

This slippery substance that your body makes naturally to lubricate joints and add a dewy glow to your skin is well-known to science. Injections of HA help some with joint pain due to arthritis and trauma that damages the joint lining. Adding HA to topical creams and cosmetics has been the norm for more than a decade. Since you make less HA with age, it makes sense that adding HA back into your health routine could help you feel and look younger than your years. You can easily do this by taking an oral HA supplement that works from the inside out. 
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The Right Collagen to Improve Joint Function

Be more flexible. Move more freely. 

Mom and Daughter stretchingOsteoarthritis (OA) is the most common arthritis, affecting 32 million US adults. While age is a common factor, trauma can cause premature arthritic changes in your younger years. 

OA can be painful, with inflammatory degenerative damage to joints and cartilage over time. Loss of mobility is common, especially in the knees.  Often non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs)offer the only relief for many. But NSAIDs also carry the unwelcome risks of GI bleed and liver dysfunction with long-term use. 

There's a safer alternative to staying mobile. 
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A Bone Building Kit for Healthy Bones

Do  you know your bones reach peak density  (bone building)  by the

Jogging Lady

 time you are age 30? 

The good news is that bone remodeling and repair continue for your entire life.  That’s why it is important to supply your body with the nutrients it needs to help your bones stay healthy and strong.

And you will  love Fibro-Care Cal™. It’s  your "Bone Building Kit in a Bottle”, with highly  absorbable minerals and  supporting co-nutrients in one amazing formula. Balanced with magnesium, it is also a safe way to supplement your calcium needs. 

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7-KETO Supports Healthy Weight Efforts

7 Keto ScalesA healthy weight is important as a preventive measure against unhealthy blood sugar, blood cholesterol and other conditions related to obesity. 

The danger of most weight loss diets is losing lean muscle. 

You actually need lean muscle to help you maintain a healthy weight, body function, movement and balance. 7-KETO is safe, won't make you jittery and is backed by research to preserve lean muscle mass and aid metabolism to support your healthy weight efforts. 

If you are older, it is even more important to preserve lean muscle so as to not add to the muscle loss that may occur with aging.
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Alpha Lipoic for Pre-Diabetes

What’s in a number?  A lot when it is your blood sugar level.

There's an increasing number of people being diagnosed with a condition 
Blue Numbers  on Brie Baclgrpimdcalled "pre-diabetes". This medical label indicates that the blood sugar level is above the number established as healthy. 
An elevated number puts you at risk for diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease.  

The simple truth is that blood sugar is a number. No need to let that number and the associated risks stick around. 

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