Natural Remedies for Overexertion of Muscles & Joints

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Doing a movement or task that is beyond the body’s physical capacity which results in an injury or insult to the musculoskeletal system. This system of bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and other connective tissue is responsible for normal body support and movement. 

We've all done it. Weekend warriors. Long hours on the job. Lifting a  heavy object. Even playing with the kids, trying to pretend we're younger and more flexible than we really are. A move gone wrong and the pain that follows reminds us we shouldn't have done that. 

Hopefully, there's no broken bones and you only need a bit of rest to get your mobility and strength back. The optimal way to speed along your recovery  and minimize the pain is by reducing the inflammation caused by the injury. Before you reach for over the counter remedies that may cause GI or tummy irritation, however, consider these natural options and helpful suggestions to help yourself avoid future injury.

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Why EVERYBODY Needs CoQ10 Every Day

Do you know  why everybody needs Coenzyme Q10 every day?  Why Everybody Needs CoQ10Answer: To  stay alive! Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) plays a central role in the metabolism of all cells. The human diet supplies a mere 3-5 mg of CoQ10 a day compared to the estimated 2000 mg within the body Based on how  your body uses up CoQ10, researchers calculate you need about 500 mg a day to function.


The trouble is, although your body does make CoQ10, the amount needed as we age increases for several reasons. One, your body produces less CoQ10. Two, multiple disorders have been found to have mitochondrial dysfunction, thus requiring more CoQ10. Three, prescription drugs (like statins) can interfere with CoQ10 metabolism and lower  CoQ10 levels. One reason can cause a deficit but what if you have all three? 

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3 Must Have Cold & Flu Fighters

Defend yourself against common bugs and viruses during cold and flu season with 3 must have immune boosters. Help your immune system stay stronger to fight its best. Just when we thought COVID-19 was a thing of the past, we find that it is still mutating into new viral strains that can mess up your immunity at a time when you need to be invincible during the months of fall and winter. Even if you got a booster vaccine, the vaccine itself can challenge your immune system and while you are dealing with that, you are more susceptible to cold and flu bugs. 

Having a natural arsenal in your cupboard is a good move and there's no time like now to get stocked up. Here's what we recommend for you!
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Zinc for Immunity, Fibromyalgia and...

Zinc, the immune mineral. Wait, there's more!

Zinc the Immune Mineral

Alphabetically, zinc may be found last in the supplement line-up. But you may want to make it first on your shopping list for two very good reasons.  

One, Zinc is quite well-known for supporting the activation of many immune cells involved in defensive actions. Two, it’s often low in fibromyalgia and affects the severity of symptoms in this multi-symptom disorder of pain, brain fog and poor sleep.


The truth is, there are many, many more reasons why you need zinc as there is a long list of accolades beyond immunity and fibro. 

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Understanding Anxiety in Fibromyalgia

Lady relaxing by lakeFibromyalgia is a complex syndrome with a myriad of symptoms, including anxiety. What drives this angst and why to do about it is the subject of our latest TyH blog post. 

Fibromyalgia is often linked to depression and anxiety, but should it be? If you are one of many with fibro who feel anxious and a bit wired, there’s a reason for those symptoms. 

Learn why you feel that way and how to tame the anxiety beast. 

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