Why EVERYBODY Needs CoQ10 Every Day

Do you know  why everybody needs Coenzyme Q10 every day?  Why Everybody Needs CoQ10Answer: To  stay alive! Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) plays a central role in the metabolism of all cells. The human diet supplies a mere 3-5 mg of CoQ10 a day compared to the estimated 2000 mg within the body Based on how  your body uses up CoQ10, researchers calculate you need about 500 mg a day to function.


The trouble is, although your body does make CoQ10, the amount needed as we age increases for several reasons. One, your body produces less CoQ10. Two, multiple disorders have been found to have mitochondrial dysfunction, thus requiring more CoQ10. Three, prescription drugs (like statins) can interfere with CoQ10 metabolism and lower  CoQ10 levels. One reason can cause a deficit but what if you have all three? 

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