Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss?

It seems when Dr. Oz speaks, America listens. I think anyone trying to be healthier by educating themselves is a smart move. I would add that researching an interesting product or service featured on the show to get all the facts is an even smarter move. Take Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) for example. With the epidemic of obesity a worldwide problem, what does this newcomer offer? Studies suggest that GCBE helps you lose weight and the majority of those pounds lost are fat. GCBE does contain some caffeine (a mere 12 mg) but not as much as roasted coffee beans. (An 8 oz cup of brewed coffee is 100-200 mg by comparison.) When buying GCBE for weight loss, researchers and experts do agree that a product must contain a minimum of 50% chlorogenic acids, the level found to be clinically effective in trials. So, if you're trying to lose fat pounds, perhaps GCBE may be beneficial. With any product, however, unless Dr. Oz is your personal physician, check with your own health care provider for what's best for you!

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