The War Against Supplements

When the New York Times (NYT) writes an article, people tend to read it as indisputable "gospel".  But let the reader take articles by the NYT the same way as all articles, with a grain of salt. No matter who the author or how big the publication's shadow, remember there are two sides to every story. So while a flagrantly negative title like Don't Take Your Supplements may sell newspapers, it's hardly objective or the whole truth. The article also attracted the attention of the trade organization we belong to, The Natural Products Association, who had a reply for the NYT and offering the "other side" to the story.
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Take Action to Save Your Supplements!

Take Sides and Take Action to Save Supplements!
Your Voice for Health (YVFH), the pending FDA's draft guidance “threatens access to 29, supplements"  YVFH goes on to state that “while FDA agreed to reconsider concerns and work with us and the supplement community, we still haven’t seen anything concrete”. TyH urges you to go to their website via the link below. The form is all done so all you do is sign and submit. Thank you!
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