Why Your Credit Card Verification Numbers Should Not be Zeroes

We discovered an interesting reason why one TyH Online customer could not complete her order. It appears there is a credit card fraud practice of using all 0's for a CVV or CID number in cases where a credit card is not present, such as in the case with internet shopping. The CVV or CID number is the 3 digit security check, typically found on the back of a credit card need the signature line. What do you do if your card has 3 zeros?

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Managing Fibromyalgia Daily

In a recent email, TyH customer Marsha K writes: "I love Fibro-Care Cal™ and Health Points. I wish it came more often. Things come and go with fibro. I presently do stretching and walking daily along with good vitamins and supplements. I would love to hear a detailed outline of what someone else does. Maybe that would be a good article for Health Points." We agree with Marsha. Share your fibro routine with others here on our new TyH Blog. And thanks Marsha for the great idea!

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is September

Did you know 1 in 6 men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime; 35% of men 65 and older will be diagnosed. But when caught early nearly 100% survive! That's why regular prostate sensitive antigen (PSA) testing, is so important. Other proactive steps include healthy eating, exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. Show the men in your life some lovin' by sharing these healthy prostate resources: ZeroCancer.org and TyH's original article Healthy Prostate 101.

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