3 Must Have Cold & Flu Fighters

Defend yourself against common bugs and viruses during cold and flu season with 3 must have immune boosters. Help your immune system stay stronger to fight its best. Just when we thought COVID-19 was a thing of the past, we find that it is still mutating into new viral strains that can mess up your immunity at a time when you need to be invincible during the months of fall and winter. Even if you got a booster vaccine, the vaccine itself can challenge your immune system and while you are dealing with that, you are more susceptible to cold and flu bugs. 

Having a natural arsenal in your cupboard is a good move and there's no time like now to get stocked up. Here's what we recommend for you!
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Zinc for Immunity, Fibromyalgia and...

Zinc, the immune mineral. Wait, there's more!

Zinc the Immune Mineral

Alphabetically, zinc may be found last in the supplement line-up. But you may want to make it first on your shopping list for two very good reasons.  

One, Zinc is quite well-known for supporting the activation of many immune cells involved in defensive actions. Two, it’s often low in fibromyalgia and affects the severity of symptoms in this multi-symptom disorder of pain, brain fog and poor sleep.


The truth is, there are many, many more reasons why you need zinc as there is a long list of accolades beyond immunity and fibro. 

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