Tulip PathBy now every one of us has been impacteed in one way or the other by the coronavirus known as COVID-19. So far at TyH we're all staying healthy and safe (hooray!) and hope you are too.

Here's our current status for you:

  • We limited our physical store hours on March 16th to phone service and pick up only although our Arizona Governor had not ordered a stay home policy yet. 
  • To further help employees stay home, stay well, staff hours  were reduced, too. Since we feel supportive supplements are essential to stay well and fight COVID-19 we are here for you.

  • You can call between 9-2 Monday through Friday Arizona Time to place orders or speak with us.

  • You may also reach us through email at [email protected] and continue to shop 24/7 online.

  • We strongly suggest that you stock up on supplements known to support the immune system and help keep your defenses up. This virus appears to be respiratory specific. Consider Buffered-C and Quercetin. Add anti-virals such as L-Lysine and of course Olive Leaf Extract and Olive Leaf ESE™. You may have your own favorites. Continue to take a multi-vitamin-mineral daily like Multi-Gold™ which contains other immune booster nutrients like Zinc and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

  • Be proactive. Maintain good sleep habits. Stay home and keep in touch from a distance (Skype, phone, text, email). If you're out, mask up to protect your nose and mouth. Enjoy newly found family time. Wash your hands often and keep them off your face. You'll find other helpful hints from the CDC website about the virus, protection and what to do if you think you're infected .

We do not know how long this "new normal" will last and when our "old normal" will return but thankfully, we're all rallying together to get through it.  Stay healthy and TyH well.