Join the TyH Winners' Circle - 3 ways to win!


1Grape Seed 250 Give-A-Way ~ 12 Winners!

Grape Seed 250 contains powerful OPCs (proanthocyanidins) found in grape seeds hat fight free radicals as an antioxidant. Having a healthy line of defense. offers health benefits to your heart, blood vessels, skin and other cells! Enter to win by placing an order between May 15th and July 15th, 2017.


2Order online and win a chance for a FREE Fibro-Care

Win a Free bottle of Fibro-Care™ tablets or capsules. Simply order online and your order is automatically entered to win from a random drawing -- a new winner every month!

3$100 YOUR CHOICE™ Club - online, mail-in & web orders qualify!

Place an order for $100 or more and your name will automatically be entered to win! One winner will be chosen at random every month. If you're the lucky winner, you'll receive $100 credit on account good toward future TyH purchases. 





 Feature Product Give-A-Way ~ 12 Winners Each Time!

An easy way to try a new product! Enter by the inclusion dates to qualify.


These TyH Customers Have Already Won!

Curcumin ES™
Curcumin ES™
is a patented Meriva complex for higher absorption and bioavailability so you take less! Promotes joint flexibility, helps decrease the inflammatory response and offers antioxidant protection. And the WINNERS are:

Buffy R, WV     Mercedes O, CA     Lee D, AZ     David W, MI

Mary D, VA     Paula H, MN     John B, CA     Diane P, SC

Rick B, GA     Carol M, WI     Patty S, CA     Jeffery B, OH


Valerian Rest™
The ORIGINAL Valerian Rest™ is back! Used in a successful placebo-controlled, double-blind study for FMS & SEID (ME/CFS). Take it day or night. Helps you rest, destress and promotes restful sleep. Non-addicting. And the WINNERS are:

Sharon M, TX     Melissa W, OH     Cindy C, FL     Sally W, CA

Wilma L, CO     Millie H, AZ     Rita P, KY     Megan I, WA

Donna I, KS     Pat K, MN     Janet M, FL     Kelly R, PA


Eye Health
Protect your eyes against oxidative damage and age-related disorders like macular degeneration with the #1 bioflavonoid for eyes, Lutein! Alone or in our Eye Complex with cofactors, lutein also eases eye fatigue from "computer eyes". These TyH customers won a FREE bottle.

Wendy C, WA      Mary H, KS      Sandra W, TX      Carol R, AZ

Charles S, IL      Sherry C, OH      Nancy G, MO      Dean A, VA

Sara D, MA      Marilyn C, FL      Pauline Z, WA      John A, OH


David's Probotics™
Support GI integrity with the multi-probiotics family found in David's Probiotics™ -- 6 times stronger and 4 more probiotic strains than Acidophilus ES™. Vegan and gluten free, too! These TyH customers won a FREE bottle.

Treva A, AZ   Barbara P, AZ   Jodie A, MI   Bonnie T, CA

Helen H, CA   David A, AZ   Jacqueline C, CA   Mary B, MA

Claire W, MA   Jeff T, TN   Hannah C, IA   Blake W, OR


Tender Point Lotion™
Aches, pains and stiffness, oh, my! Clinically tested Celadrin® in TyH's new Tender Point Lotion™ eases the inflammatory response for less pain and more mobility. Shown to relieve muscle aches and tender points when used consistently in just 30 days. In an aloe base for efficient topical delivery. These TyH customers won a FREE bottle.

Daphne H, KY   Sandra W, GA   Judy M, OR   Anna K, PA

Barry D, NJ   Glenda K, WA   Marilyn C, NC   Rebecca W, TX

Juliana W, MN   Theresa L, PA   Etoyal M, OH   Kathleen W, CO


Got Inflammation? Try a natural answer to reduce the inflammatory response (and pain!) with patented Serrazimes® action. Supports the healing process post trauma, too, as well as in arthritic conditions. These TyH customers won a FREE bottle.

Mary Lou T, NY   Fanny T, FL   Joan L, AZ   Barbara P, WI

Paula M, MO   Diane B, OH   Linda K, NE   Elaine N, CA

Rebecca S, DC   Rachel N, WA   Janet W, OR   Susan D, NY


Mitochondria - those powerful energy makers in every cell - requires CoQ10 to produce and stay alive. CoQ10 also supports the heart and other muscles plus offers solid antioxidant protection. These TyH customers won a FREE bottle.

Rhonda E, MN   Traci B, OH   Ruth C, IA   Betty T, NE

Elena W, CA   Dixie D, KS   Nichole R, AZ   Debra M, PA

Cynthia S, WA   Ann K, WI   Pamela B, AZ   Raymond R, MD


Pain Control Formula
If you haven't given your pain the rub yet, try TyH's newly formulated Pain Control Formula (PCF). Double the capsaicin fighting power to help reduce pain signals for better pain relief. In a new, lightly scented fresh minty cream. Good for sore muscles and achy joints, too! These TyH customers won a FREE jar.

Angela F, AZ   Billy W, TN   Charlotte T, OH   Kathy M, AZ

Connie C, NC   Jan T, WA   Janice L, MN   Judi B, WA

Lillian H, TX   Sherry C AZ   Tonya H, WI   Katheryn M, WI


The new Multi-Gold Advanced is your be-TyH-well formula! With Bs to help energy and pain, Albion® and Aquamin® to optimize mineral absorption and an expanded antioxidant complex. Bio-available nutrients means tummy friendly, too! These TyH customers won a FREE bottle.

Brenna W, WY   Carol P, MO   Carol S, NY   Cynthia B, CA

Dana W, IL   Jennifer R, NY   Mary S, TN   Shelia P, TX  Shelley M, PA

Nilza C, CA   Rachel S, IA   Rachel S, IA   Sally G, MI


Digestive Enzymes
Over 40? Gluten allergy? Bloating or gas? We've got a trio of digesta aids for you! Digesta-Care 8™ and Digesta-Care ES™ contain the enzymes to break down a variety of food groups. Gluten Digest buffers cross-contamination with gluten-consuming enzymes. These TyH customers won a FREE bottle of their choice.

Kay R, WI   Rachel P, CA   Nancy K, WA   Michael D, AZ

Beth M, CO   Karen B, FL   Kris M, KY   Julia P, NY

Ellen K, TX   Gretchen S, MD   Victoria R, CA   Ron S, NC


Valerian Rest ES™
Valerian Rest ES™ gives you double the strength of valerian per capsule as an added boost for sleep ~ along with passionflower and hops. Plus, brain calming GABA gently relaxes you to promote restful slumber. These TyH customer won a FREE bottle. This product has been replaced with the original Valerian Rest with Lemon Balm Extract.

Brenda D, TX   Vicki W, MO   Paul C, MA   Joyce G, OH

Viola M, OH   Mary D, OH   Nancy R, OR   Lori L, KS

Sandy H, NC   Lucene B, FL   Lucene B, FL   Carolyn D, OH


Fibro-Care Cal
These TyH customers won a FREE Fibro-Care Cal, an Albion Gold Medallion. Fibro-Care Cal gives you an organic calcium with the right ratio of mangesium plus important cofactors to help keep bones, arteries and tissues soft and flexible.

Teresa R, OH   Nancy H, WA   Julie J, CO  Janice W, FL

Joyce B, OR   Cheryl I, WA  Patti Q, IL   Camille J, MI

Paul L, CA  Thelma B, FL  Judy L, TX   Sherrel S, WA


Vitamin C
These TyH customers won their choice of Vitamin C. To help improve your immune system this cold & flu season, TyH offers Buffered-C 500 mg.

Patti F, AZ   Dennis D, CA   Susan P, NJ   Carla P, VA

Melanie C, NY   Carla K, WA   Marilyn S, WI   Jean S, MA

Vera V, AZ   Beth H, CA   Shirley O, WA   Gloria Y, IL


These TyH customers won a FREE Multi-Gold™ - an Albion Gold Medallion and TyH exclusive premium multivitamin.

Edith B, WA   Carol C, MD   Debra D, AZ   Catherine H, MD  

Charlotte K, WA   Mary L, AZ   Joan M, PA   Linda M, MN   Albina R, NY

Gilda R, TX   Bobby S, TX   Audrey W, NY


To help in the fight against pain (as recommended by Dr. Pellegrino) we gave away 12 Fibro-D3™ (5,000 IU strength) to TyH customers. And the winners are...

Charles A, NC   Hillary M, AZ   Teresa K, IA   Irene B, KS  

Dorothy D, AZ   Lillian L, CA   Bernita B, NE   Charlotte F, IA  

Anna S, TX   Virginia C, CO   Joyce H, NV   Susan W, FL





 Fibro-Care™ Website Winners

A Winner every month!

Order online and win a chance for a FREE Fibro-Care

Win a Free bottle of Fibro-Care™ tablets or capsules. Simply order online and your order is automatically entered to win from a random drawing -- a new winner every month!


These TyH Customers Have Already Won!

Susan A, KY   Paul V, AZ   Charlene P, MN

Miriam G, AK   Richard C, SC   Darla T, OH

Suzanne K, PA   Donna G, PA   Deborah R, WA

LaDonnia H, OK   Sue K, AZ   Brenda M, NJ

Leslie F, OH   Tony S, MA   Vicki H, MN   Elizabeth F, NC

Beverly S, OH   Merylyn R, IL   Sallie S, OR   Brian S, OH

Diane K, AZ   Ellen D, IL   Ellen K, TX  Celia M, AL

Diane S, NV  Carole M, AZ  Linda H, AZ

Nancy L, AL  Judith B, GA  Tod K, NC

Ellen K, TX   Kris A, KS   Diana C, IA   Susan F, OH

Cindy C, CA   Christine T, OH   Judith B, AL

Leann S, MN   Sue C, OK

Kathryn T, IN   Diane W, AZ   John J, CO   Laurence M, OH

Ann Marie S, WI   Tanya A, CA   Kathy W, UT

Debora R, MI   Cindy S, NY

Mary A, MN   Judy B, WA   Jim M, CO   Molly H, FL

Carla R, FL   Carol B, FL   Cherrie A, CA

Cindy M, AZ   Sandra K, OR   Nancy C, AZ   Marilyn N, SC

Mitzi B, ME   Cia O, MN   Deborah M, MD

Karen K, PA   Lois H, IA   Mary Ann B, PA   Pam S, SD

Bonnie B, PA   Susan H, WA   Peggy H, CO

Susan T, OH   Melody R, WI




  $100 YOUR CHOICE™ Club

Place an order for $100 or more and your name will automatically be entered to win! One winner will be chosen at random every month. If you're the lucky winner, you'll receive $100 credit on account good toward future TyH purchases. 


These TyH Customers Have Already Won!

Ree N, AL   Betty B, MN   Elsa C, AZ

Rhonda S, WY   Deb S, IL   Renee M, SD

Janet B, MS   Steven B, CA   Edna B, IN

Jacqueline G, NY   Cathy L, AZ   Cynthia C, PA

Marilyn L, VA   Betty P, AZ   Beverly G, IN

Betty P, AL   William R, VA   Jane T, PA   Joyce D, TX

Kelly A, VA   Gina O, MN   Bonnie F, FL

Hillary M, AZ   Lorena B, CA   Evelyn D, IL   Faye M, NY

Linda K, NE   Patricia O, AZ   Molly J, AZ

Marie L, NC   Jo M, CA   Sharon M, OR

Louise C, AL   Beth B, NH   Carol B, FL   Susan G, VA

Kathleen F, OR   Lauire B, SC   Ellen S, CT

Cynthia H, NC   Laurie K, SC

Kathleen M, ID   Nina L, CA   Daniel E, PA   Dorothy B, PA

Alane S, IA   Janet G, CT   Doradene T, IA

Marie B, PA   Alecia P, TN

Connie L, UT   Janet A, MD   Sharon K, MN   Patricia W, WI

Deanna N, SC   Susan J, WA   Desdia P, KS

Mary K, WI   Lorraine T, ME   Sharon R, SC   Melaine H, MA

Kathleen C, KS   Marie L, NC   Bobbie M, CO

Elmer S, PA   Gisela T, MD   Tamra S, IA   Marlene D, IL

Judy B, NC   Frank J, VA  Judy S, SC

Don N, NM   Rosario D, TX   Judy L, IN


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