Q: Can you take the Fibro-Care and Fibro-Care Cal together? In other words, should I order both to get the best results? I've taken Fibro-Care for several years with great results. I need more calcium now. So do I continue taking Fibro-Care and add the Fibro-Care Cal, or do I stop taking Fibro-Care and only tke Fibro-Care Cal?

Asked by: Claudia M. - 11/2/2023
A: Hi Claudia and thanks for your question. We do have customers who take both. Here's why. Many foods contain or are fortified with calcium so it is easier to get calcium from your diet. However, magnesium is more difficult to get that way.
If you have checked your diet and found calcium needs to be fortified, how much more do you need?

Research suggests that the old ratio of 2 mg of calcium to 1 mg of magnesium should be more ideal at 2 mg magnesium to 1 mg of calcium. Since the nature of calcium is to calcify" or "harden" bones, too much calcium that the body cannot use or get rid of ends up calcifying blood vessels and tissues (not good!). Thus the new ratio of 1:1 calcium to magnesium is healthier. If you take 500 mg of calcium, take 500 mg (at least) of magnesium.

The new Fibro-Care Cal is in capsules, too, for convenience and it also includes the cofactors for calcium like vitamin D3, boron, manganese and vitamin K (a complete bone building formula). As an example, you could start with the 4 capsules a day of Fibro-Care Cal which will give you 550 mg of calcium and 255 mg of magnesium. Then add 2 capsules of Fibro-Care for another 360 mg of magnesium. Remember if you have any chronic condition, you need magnesium, so if you take a little more of magnesium, it's okay.

Don't forget, if you take the Multi-Gold (our daily multiple) to add up the calcium and magnesium in that formula too. You can adjust the amounts of each supplement according to how much calcium you need.

I hope this answers our question but if you need more help, just email us at [email protected].
Answer provided by: Margy (11/3/2023)

Q: Do you take with food or so many hours before or after eating?

Asked by: Julia - 10/26/2022
A: Julia, thanks for your question! Some people find it easier to take supplements with their meals as it helps them remember! Unless a label specifically says to take on an empty stomach, you can usually take with or without food. For the Fibro-Care Cal, we formulated it with organic minerals for better absorption which also means you can take any time, with or without food. And since you ask about timing, just an addendum that if the supplement is fat based (CoQ10, Vit D3, Vit E, Omega-3 oils, Vit A are examples), best to take those with meals as you need some fat to help absorption. Let us know if you have any other questions! Be well.
Answer provided by: Margy (10/27/2022)

Q: Does the FibroCare with calcium come in capsules rather than tablets?

Asked by: Elaine - 1/10/2022
A: Elaine, thanks for your question. There is a space limit to how much we can put in a capsule. Since Fibro-Care Cal has so many good bone nutrients and organic minerals which take up a bit of space, we chose the tablet form to make the serving size easier for our customers. A tablet can be compressed as needed. Of note, all tablets undergo a disintegration test to make sure it will digest in optimal time. An ideal disintegration time ensures that you can digest the tablet and reap all the nutrient benefits!
Answer provided by: Margy (2/1/2022)

Q: How much calcium is in fibro care cal

Asked by: Jean Campbell - 5/10/2021
A: Hello Jean. Thanks for your question. Each product has a page with extra information listed in special folders underneath the product picture. One of those folders is called Supplement Facts. The amount of organic Albion calcium in Fibro-Care Cal can be found here, which is 300 mg per serving size or per 2 tablets.

How much calcium should you take? The new "norm" is 500-800 mg a day per research studies -- and should only taken when balanced with supporting nutrients like magnesium and vitamin D3. Since many foods are fortified with calcium, you will base the amount of supplemental calcium you need by how much calcium you get in your diet. If you are dairy intolerant, you may want 4 tabs a day to give you 600 mg. Be sure to take it in a divided dose (not all 4 at once).

Besides calcium, this is a TyH exclusive formula of supporting nutrients needed for strong bone health. Also if you take the Multi-Gold, don't forget to count the calcium you take there too!
Answer provided by: Margy (5/10/2021)

Q: How large are tablets? Are they coated? Are they easy to swallow?

Asked by: Silverfox - 4/8/2021
A: The Fibro-Care Cal tablets are standard tablet size, in the long shape with a slight aqueous coating to make it easier to swallow. Most people who prefer tablets have no difficulty swallowing them. Just be sure to drink water beforehand to moisten your throat, then with the tablet when swallowing to "float" it down, and afterward to make sure it gets to your tummy. I hope this information is helpful and let us know when you try the tablets what you think.
Answer provided by: Margy (4/8/2021)

Q: Why did you cut back the key vitamins/minerals that compose Fibrocare original formula because you added calcium? How can we get the same benefit as the original?

Asked by: Trudy - 10/9/2020
A: Thanks for your question Trudy. Both Fibro-Care and Fibro-Care Cal are meant to be complementary products to our Multi-Gold daily premium vitamin mineral complex. Yet each fulfill a specific EXTRA need for supplying additional magnesium (Fibro-Care) or additional bone building nutrients (Fibro-Care Cal) as a stand alone product. So it is not that we omitted nutrients. We built a program of products to be used together and Multi-Gold is the foundation of the program. One additional factor is we use Albion organic chelate minerals which take up more space in a tablet or capsule than magnesium oxide or calcium chloride (inorganic salts). So you are getting better and more bioavailable nutrient benefits with TyH.
Answer provided by: Margy (10/9/2020)