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Get with the Program™
for Fibromyalgia & SEID (ME/Chronic Fatigue)

Are you struggling with poor sleep, muscle pain and brain fog?
You’d like healthy options but the multiple choices for your multiple symptoms
are so confusing that you choose to do nothing!

Try a simpler way. Try Get with the Program™ (GWTP)

Whether you're newly diagnosed or not, by the time symptoms show up, your body is already telling you something is amiss. Getting well is a process and no two people are alike. It will take a little adjusting and time to restore nutrients to a point when symptoms resolve. At the time TyH was started, little was offered in the way of non-drug, complementary therapies. Through education and research, and with the help of leading "fibro" doctors, GWTP was created.

The reasons are not clear why some people are more susceptible to FM and/or SEID/ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (SEID) or why their systems get "broken". For that reason, you may not restore to 100% "pre" fibro or SEID, however, you will feel better. As in most disorders, earlier nutrient intervention does help, typically by slowing down symptom progression. So you may opt to start with Fibro-Care™ as it addresses multiple problems and gradually add to your regimen, especially if this is your first supplement program.

Putting together a basic program is easy and an example is given for you in these articles.