To Your Health 2021 CatalogHere's looking at your new Healthy Savings!
Have you received your 2021 Healthy Savings yet? Hopefully the U.S. Post Office has caught up with the holiday and extra COVID generated mail and you are looking at our new format and features.

One big note: We're introducing Tara Squires Smith as To Your Health's new Vice-President. We're thrilled she is continuing our legacy of helping people lead healthier lives and get non-drug therapies for fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

Here's a sneak preview just in case you're still waiting by the mail box for your issue!

What's new?
  • The launch of our Signature Supplements, an exclusive TyH line
  • An alphabetical layout & index to look up & find products faster
  • A fully update 5-page  Get with the Program™ guide, TyH's innovative, non-drug way
    to have more energy, less pain & enjoy life!
  • Updated What's Happening with TyH news, new products &  savings
  • New Customer Rewards, including how to get in the Winners' Circle
  • 30-40% Lower prices for CBD
  • 7 Must Have Immunity Nutrients
Want to send a catalog to a friend? Send us a quick email request. Let's make 2021 our healthiest year yet and spread the good news around to family and friends, too!