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Contests 2018

Celebrating 25
25 Year Logo
What a year! Our contests were fun and winners were so-o appreciative of being in the Winners' Circle with great prizes. Thanks for being part of our celebration.

You can still be in the Circle in 2019 with our monthly give-a-ways with 3 ways to win. Or see page 39 of your Healthy Savings catalog. Need a catalog? Request one here.

2018  Anniversary Contest & Winners

JANUARYstar man
Try Something New!
Short contest this month! Tell us in 50 words or less what TyH product you'd like to try and why you want to try it. Maybe a foundational product like Multi-Gold™ complete with a B complex and antioxidant profile, not to mention organic minerals, to enhance energy and well being. Or perhaps topical Tender Point Lotion with Meriva® for muscle aches and pains Short and sweet. Contest runs January 15-31st so enter now! Winner will be notified February 1st.

Terry B. from Maine is our January winner! Here’s what she wrote: "I used to take lutein which helped my eyes and cannot remember why I stopped (new glasses I think helped) but the blurry vision came back. My eyes get tired as I do a lot of reading! Please make me the January winner and send Lutein ES™ to support my eyes. I really notice a difference in my vision without it! Happy 25th, TyH."

5 Star Review ManFEBRUARY
Write a Review!
If you're inclined to write a product review, now is a good month to do so -- every name will be entered into a drawing and you could win the product you review! Limit one review per product per customer but no limit to the number of different products you review. Verified purchase required to review product. Go the product of your choice and click on Write a Review, fill in the Review form and send. Contest ends February 28th so enter today! Congrats, Deb S. from Illinois is our February winner! Read her reviews on Acidophilus ES™ and Fibro-Care™. Thanks, Deb!

MARCHShamrock Guy
When Irish Eyes are Smiling...
Feeling lucky? We've got another easy one for you! David is Irish and wants to give you a piece of his gold, Multi-Gold™ that is. As a full potency multi-vitamin-mineral complex, it's the perfect foundational product with a full B complex and antioxidants, too. Every order in March will qualify! Orders on St. Patty's day get double entries for twice the chance to win! And don't forget -- we're picking double $100 on account winners every month on orders over $100. March could be YOUR double lucky month! Let's go shopping!And the Gold winner is Kris Z. from Kansas. Congrats, Kris!

Happy Spring!
Hopefully by now signs of Spring with wisps of grass peaking through the snow and happy flowers are welcome sights to our cold weather neighbors. For some, it's been a long winter. But time to think of spring cleaning and opening windows to fresh air! April is a good time to spring clean your body too of winter bugs and critters with a 30-day p.m. sweep of the GI tract using olive leaf extract (OLE). Anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, it's the perfect way to spring clean and boost immunity. Take one Olive Leaf Extract or Olive Leaf ESE™ before bedtime on an empty stomach. Replenish the GI flora with Acidophilus ES™ or David's Probiotics™ in the a.m. To win your free bottle of OLE, simply send an email and finish the statement: "I like TyH because...." Contest ends 4/30/18 at midnight! The winner this month is Abby B of MO! Congratulations!

Happy Mother's Day!
Butterfly Lady
There is a LOT to celebrate in May, including National Fibromyalgia and SEID (ME/Chronic Fatigue) Day on May 12ths, plus arthritis, celiac and osteoporosis month along with 25 or more other health mentions. But we're going to focus on Mom this month with a lovely DERMA E gift of your choosing! Paraben, gluten, GMO free skincare that makes an ethical and healthy difference for your face and body. It is an easy email entry (or call us!) with ONE thing your Mom has taught you for a life lesson. You can also face a comment to our Facebook page about Mom. Contest ends 5/31/18 at midnight so don't delay! Congrats to our May winner, Gloria K. from Florida! Read her lovely comments on our blog.

Super HeroJUNE
Just for Men

This month we're giving a shout out to men. Is your prostate happy? Some symptoms of an unhappy prostate include urgency without the ability to "go", night time wakening for trips to the bathroom and incomplete voiding. Men, find out more in Healthy Prostate 101 and The Aging Prostate. By the age of 60, 50% of men have a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) caused by prostate enlargement. Get an annual checkup and if you have BPH, a natural therapy is saw palmetto and juniper berries, found in TyH’s Prosta-Care Complex™. So let's hear from the men! (Ladies, you certainly can enter for them.) Post a TyH Facebook comment and you'll automatically be entered. Contest runs June 1st to June 30th. Post now! Sorry, men, no takers, no winners this month. But if you are a man reading this and want to send in a Rave Review of our company, we'll take your review and give you a prize after June anyway!

Up Close & PersonalAuographed Book
This month is truly a must-win! We’re giving away an autographed copy of Fibromyalgia, Up Close & Personal by Mark Pellegrino, M.D. We’ve known Dr. Pellegrino for decades, back to the time of patient conferences and face to face contacts. He has a true heart for the patient and as a physician has seen more than 25,000 patients in his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practice. This book covers cause, nutrition and rehab therapies in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice. Email us why you’d like a copy and you could be the July winner! Contest ends July 31, 2018. And the winner is...Molly B. from Washington!Congrats and enjoy! Read Molly's comments here.

Message in bottleAUGUST
Reader Story Event
In honor of the 25th year of David's Story, this month is a special one as we're challenging our customers to send in their reader story of 400-500 words or less. The prize is $50 TyH dollars on account you can use toward any products! Even if you're not the best writer, Margy is so she'll help you with edits and graphics. Send those stories in to the [email protected] to be eligible. Contest ends August 31st. If you need inspiration, read some of our other stories here. Our customers love to hear stores of hope and encouragement. Then, let your story begin!

Probiotics & FMMan with Sticky Notes on Head
Having trouble thinking? Our contest this month matches our newest blog post on the benefits of probiotics for cognition in fibromyalgia. Did you know many of your neurotransmitters are made in the GI tract? With many of these brain chemicals responsible for thinking, reasoning, pain modification and mood, it's important for people with fibromyalgia (FM) to have a healthy GI system. Serotonin, GABA, dopamine and even acetylcholine are often issues in FM. Read the blog to learn about this new FM study and then don't forget to send us an email if you'd like to win Acidophilus ES™. Boost your GI health and your brain power!

Cold & Flu Season
It's official! Cold and flu season has hit several states and Olive Leaf Extract and Olive Leaf ESE™ are finding their way into our smart customers' orders! So it seems appropriate to extend a helping hand and offer your choice of one of our best weapons against viruses, bacteria and colds this time of year. Whether you're a seasoned shopper of this herb defense or trying it for the first time, now's your chance to win one FREE! If you've been entering our other contests, you know how to enter -- send an email with your preference to [email protected]. We hope you win!

Thankful for our customers!
In this month of Thanksgiving, David an Margy thank TyH's loyal customers for helping us help others. Some have joined and stayed part of the TyH family since the beginning 25 years ago! Now that's loyalty! So this month we're happy to bless one of them with a $100 on account. Any order -- mail, phone, web -- placed between 1/1/18 and 11/30/18 is eligible for the drawing. So expect that winning call the first week of December! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the top to the bottom of our hearts!

Bluebird BotanicalsDECEMBER
The Gift of Health

We're wrapping up the year -- and our 25th anniversary -- with a special announcement and first ever of its kind gift for you! Coming in January 2019, TyH is adding Hemp Extract/CBD Oil. CBD oil from the hemp plant offers healthy benefits without the "high" of THC. And of course, our CBD oil is cGMP so you'll be getting the same high quality as other TyH products. So if you've been wanting to try CBD for yourself, enter this month's contest and receive a 0.3 ml trial bottle (10 day supply) of the tincture plus a sample of (2) softgels too. Send an email with the subject line "December" to [email protected] before 12/31/18 to be entered!