7-Keto ScalesA healthy weight is important as a preventive measure against unhealthy blood sugars, blood cholesterol and conditions related to obesity. The danger of most weight loss diets is losing lean muscle.  


You actually need lean muscle to help you maintain a healthy weight and optimal body function, movement and balance. 


7-KETO is safe, won't make you jittery and is backed by research to preserve lean muscle mass and aid metabolism to support your healthy weight efforts. 

If you are older, it is even more important to preserve lean muscle so as to not add to the muscle loss that may occur with aging.


Why “dieting” fails.

Studies show that two things happen when the body goes on a “diet”. One, the body recognizes that it is receiving fewer calories (energy) and thus reduces its metabolic rate by as much as 15%. Two, some of the weight loss is lean muscle, which you need to help burn off calories. Result? Instead of losing, your body may actually plateau or gain, despite the calorie restriction. What’s the answer? Perhaps 7-Keto. 


What is 7-Keto? 

7-Keto is made in your body from DHEA, the parent hormone that also produces estrogen and testosterone. Levels of hormones, including 7-Keto, decline with age. By the age of 40, your production of natural 7-Keto has dropped by 50% and by age 60, you’ve lost 70-75%;  suggesting anyone can benefit from taking 7-Keto from age 30 and onward. 


Supplementing with 7-Keto is simply putting back what time and age has taken away. 7-Keto offers you the benefits of improving or maintaining lean body mass, building muscle, increasing metabolic rate and 7-Keto Factsreducing signs of aging. Thus, 7-Keto may encourage weight loss similar to your “younger” years.


How does 7-Keto work? 

As a supplement, 7-Keto works by increasing metabolism in a couple of ways; one by increasing T3 activity (metabolic rate) without raising T3 thyroid hormone. The second way is by increasing specific fat burning enzymes in the liver, increasing  thermogenic activity. 7-Keto may also reduce stress hormones (glucocorticoids), especially those responsible for storing unhealthy belly fat. By increasing your energy expenditure, 7-Keto is able to help you lose weight without being “jittery”.  Human clinical trials have shown that people who combined 7-Keto with their diet and exercise programs lost three times more weight than those on the same program who took a placebo.


What is the dose to support weight loss? 

The maximum study dose was 100 mg twice daily. Another suggested way to take 7-Keto is 25 mg twenty minutes before a meal, doubling the dose as needed. Some people experience a weight loss even at the lower levels (younger people may need a higher dose). 


What results may I expect?

Combining 7-Keto with a program of diet and exercise is the healthiest way to lose weight. Clinical studies by Humanetics* showed a weight loss of 6 pounds in 8 weeks and 80% of the weight lost was body fat! Some lost as much as 22 pounds in 8 weeks. Losing 1-2 pounds per week is considered healthy and tends to stay off. Studies show that weight loss greater than this average typically ends in diet failure and regain of weight. Tomato Exercising


What if you cannot exercise?  Good news for those with limited exercise ability. One study of 7-Keto and diet alone without exercise still showed weight loss for participants. If you have a disability, injury or pain with exercise, 7-Keto could still help your healthy weight efforts.


Is 7-Keto safe? 

As a patented ingredient, 7-Keto has undergone extensive research, particularly on whether taking 7-Keto as a supplement would raise estrogen or testosterone. Even at maximum dose of 100 mg twice a day, no elevation in hormone levels from initial baseline occurred. 7-Keto will not interact adversely with other diet supplements or weight loss aids, common medications for blood pressure or lipid control and Synthroid or other thyroid medications. 


One caution is that 7-Keto may have the ability to inhibit platelet aggregation (similar to aspirin) which affects those taking a blood thinner (Coumadin, Warfarin). Always check with your health care professional for personal medical advice if you are on any type of prescribed medication. Also, 7-Keto is recommended for adult use only. 


What other benefits does 7-Keto offer? 

Other studies show 7-Keto may help immunity by increasing 

T-helper cells in ME/SEID /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HIV patients. 7-Keto may offer anti-aging value by increasing insulin-like growth factor (IGF-a), improving memory and reducing skin aging. 7-Keto may lower platelet aggregation to help heart health.  Since 7-Keto®  DHEA is a patented ingredient, look for the Lonza brand – found in TyH’s 7-Keto®   DHEA --  to make sure you get its science-backed benefits!


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*Humanetics was the original patent holder who developed the science, safety and value of 7-Keto® DHEA on whose research this article is based. The current brand owner is Lonza.