Painful Knee WomanOver the past several years, TyH has been reporting on Dr. Cordero's studies with CoQ10 and fibromyalgia (FM) which lowers oxidative stress and improves energy. Another interesting study (which also includes Cordero) shows CoQ10 helps regulate serotonin, found low in FM, which may in turn help pain in this amplified pain condition.

The small clinical trial reports that disturbances in serotonin function impact the classic FM symptoms as this important chemical modulates pain, fatigue, sleep, cognition and mood. The reason why this disturbance happens or how it plays in the pathology or disease process of FM is not agreed on by researchers. However, restoring normal function could potentially help FM patients. Measured comparison of FM patients to healthy controls showed “marked” lower levels of both CoQ10 and serotonin in blood platelets. Previous research suggests platelets are good models of serotonin levels as found in nerve cells.

According to the authors, no other study has looked at CoQ10’s role in serotonin function. When FM participants were given CoQ10, platelet levels of both CoQ10 and serotonin were restored in contrast to the placebo group. To test their theory, the scientists chemically induced CoQ10 deficiency in platelets taken from healthy controls and measured serotonin levels. The CoQ10 deficient platelets showed low serotonin, too. Researchers then treated the cells with CoQ10 and N-acetyl cysteine antioxidants. Only the CoQ10 treated platelets showed restored serotonin levels, further proving CoQ10’s effect alone on serotonin.

Per the authors, these results suggest that 1) a CoQ10 deficiency affects serotonin levels and 2) treatment with CoQ10 thus restores those levels. The authors stated serotonin is “presumably in other cells such as neurons in the central nervous system”.

Dr. Cordero’s research found that taking 100 mg of CoQ10 3 times a day in a divided dose for a minimum of 3 months showed the most benefit for FM. Would you like to see if trial will work for you? Try the study dose for yourself with David’s Fibro-Q10™. After all, CoQ10 is naturally found in every cell of your body and 3 months goes by so quickly, what have you got to lose? Maybe a few FM symptoms.

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Sources: 1) Cordero et al, Antioxid Redox Signal 10/13; 2) Alcocer-Gómez et al, CNS Neurosci Ther 2/17

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