Although it has sort of a funny name, Colostrum is a nutrient-rich superfood.

In this age of superbugs that seem to defy annihilation, maybe a superfood is exactly what we need to stay healthy! 
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Colostrum contains important enzyme, proteins, antibodies, immunoglobulins and growth factors. Taken as a supplement, Colostrum has been shown in research studies to support a healthy immune function and so much more! 

If you have fibromyalgia, take note as Mark Pellegrino, M.D. has his fibro patients take Colostrum to help with symptoms.

According to Dr. Pellegrino, colostrum “probably works by increasing the growth hormone levels in our circulation” so it is a “true supplement which replaces deficient levels”. As we age, growth hormone levels decline, If an adult’s growth hormone falls too low, symptoms of low growth hormone will likely occur which affects muscle strength, energy levels, memory and immune function, along with your ability to heal, Dr. Pellegrino says. 


Taking colostrum helps  restore declining growth hormone levels to improve your health on the many levels as Dr. Pellegrino describes above. He recommends taking it as a supplement for at least a month or more before you will notice any changes. His patients report more energy, less allergy, asthma and cold symptoms. In the flu study below, colostrum was given for 2-3 months, showing a potential for “flu season” benefits over the usual flu vaccine.


Immunoglobulins, antibodies and other “super” nutrients in colostrum improve the immune response and protect the mucosal barrier of the GI and respiratory tract. This mucosal protection strengthens  your “first line of defense” against invading pathogens. Each active substance has a distinct role and activity that supports immunity.


One study found taking Colostrum was 3x more effective against the flu than the flu vaccine.

What does the research say? There are more than 10,000 citations when you search for colostrum in PubMed. These research studies, trials and reviews on colostrum attest to its effectiveness in humans and animals.. Colostrum improves respiratory health and particularly enhances GI health, which plays a critical role in immune function. One study found taking colostrum was three times more effective against the flu than the flu vaccine!  The study was repeated three years later with similar results. Colostrum appears to protect the mucosal lining during the use of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent therapy (NSAIDS), too.

Talking about immunity in 2024 has to involve the continued threat of COVID-19. 

Again, colostrum was evaluated and the research suggests: “The potential role of bovine colostrum for the clinical treatment of COVID-19 is based on its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-viral properties as well as on its ability to boost the human innate and adaptive immune systems”.  The authors go on to state that “Inhibiting virus infections and reducing the intensity of illness symptoms are two of bovine colostrum supplementation’s main benefits.”


Another study puts it simply.  Colostrum supports  the human body in two main ways. First by its “multiple immune factors and natural antibiotics” that provide “strong support” for the immune system, and secondly by its many growth factors which “encourage optimum health” on a spectrum wide basis. 


In summary,  the healing scope of colostrum is well known and documented such that this blog could not cover its many benefits! 


While colostrum is not a magic bullet for fibromyalgia, COVID-19 or other physical maladies, many people (including Dr. Pellegrino’s patients) find it does improve their health on multiple levels. Colostrum is so safe, that it is also used for pet immunity and allergy symptoms and adds sheen to their coats too!


How much do you take?

TyH’s Colostrum is in a convenient capsule form of 500 mg. Study doses were of a wide range depending on the condition treated such as up to 2,000 mg/day for fibromyalgia. The safety of colostrum was evident in studies on exercising adults for muscle strength and recovery at several grams a day. Always start with a low dose and increase slowly over time. For specific personal advice, ask your health care professional.


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