Home of the pine tree state. Home of Tara Maine Pine ConeSquires Smith. We're keeping TyH in the family!

When is this happening? We're working on it right now. Starting about July 1st, your orders will ship out of our new location in Biddeford, Maine. 

Why is this happening? So you'll never run out of your Fibro-Care™ and Multi-Gold™, two of the greatest products on the market!  For the past 28 years, Margy and David have helped people with chronic pain conditions, especially fibromyalgia, live healthier lives.  It's time to turn over the reins to the next geneeration.  Tara will keep TyH a household name, offer you first line customer service and head up day to day operations, including order fulfillment.  

Will you still be able to reach Margy and David? Absolutely! Tara will be glad to pass along your messages and greetings to us and we'll still be available for good old fashioned help and conversation.  But you'll be in such good hands, you may not even miss us! 

Make sure to drop a line to Tara to show your support and say hello at [email protected].

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