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3 Must Have Cold & Flu Fighters! 

Defend yourself against common bugs and viruses during cold and flu season with 3 must have immune boosters. Help your immune system stay stronger to fight its best  Just when we thought COVID-19 was a thing of the past, we find that it is still mutating into new viral strains that can mess up your immunity at a time when you need to be invincible during the months of fall and winter. Even if you got a booster vaccine, the vaccine itself can challenge your immune system and while you are dealing with that, you are more susceptible to cold and flu bugs. Having a natural arsenal in your cupboard is a good move and there's no time like now to get stocked up. 

Here's what we recommend for you!

Olive Leaf Extract (OLE).  This is one herb our customers love as it fights viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast -- almost anything that can "bug" you! In fact, many customers take at least one a night during the entire season just to "kill" off anything encountered during the day.  What's more, OLE helps keep your GI tract healthy where much of your immunity starts via signals from this enteric nervous system. OLE is also part of TyH's detox program when paired with a probiotic to also help boost GI health. Besides taking a preventative dose at night, OLE can also be taken during the day if you happen to be around others who may be sneezing and coughing -- just to be on the "safe" side. Oleuropein, the most active component of OLE, is a way to standardize supplements to match research studies. Since most of the research shows OLE effective with a 3% oleuropein content, you'll find TyH's 6% standardization offers you double protection. 

Buffered-C 500. We all know that vitamin C is the go-to vitamin for immunity but most people do not take enough to make an immunity difference as the base form (ascorbic acid) can upset a sensitive tummy. TyH's Buffered- C, however, is derived from calcium ascorbate so it will not upset your stomach. We've also added Citrus Bioflavoinds as they add to C's activities and aid absorption, too. Since this immune booster is water soluble, your body does not retain much in storage. The 500 mg dose is convenient as you can take it more than once a day. A good daily dose is around 2,000 mg a day by taking 500 mg 2-3 times a day. You may also find a nice side benefit of smoother, tighter skin since vitamin C stimulates collagen (the protein that plumps skin and adds elasticity)! 

Garlic ES™. Long before we had the convenience of supplements in a bottle, people ate raw garlic several times a day to ward off sickness and disease. Fortunately for us, we can avoid the garlic breath and stomach irritation raw garlic offers and take it in a capsule form. TyH's Garlic ES™ contains concentrated extract from whole clove garlic so you get equally beneficial results. The sulfur compounds in garlic,  which includes allicin, are thought to provide its medicinal value. Garlic is well-known as an anti-fungal and anti-viral and has side benefits too. In clinical trials, garlic lowered cholesterol 15-20% and helped with blood pressure so garlic helps  support a healthy heart and circulatory system. Garlic is considered quite safe and can be taken up to 300 mg daily. Of course, adding this immunity veggie to your foods is always a tasty idea! 

The three above immunity helpers should be in addition to your daily program of supplements. You may also want to consider Vitamin D3 and David's Zinc™ if not already in your program.  People with optimal levels of these two nutrients were less likely to get sick and if they did catch a cold or bug, had fewer, milder symptoms and recovered more quickly. Of note, one  new focus for immunity is medical mushrooms. Our formula, David's Mushroom Blend™, contains 8 of  the most studied mushrooms along with 200 mg of Astragalus, another herb known to support your immune system. 

Now you are prepared to be well and stay well! 

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