With much sadness, I post a farewell notice from the Fibromyalgia Network. TyH has advocated and supported the long-time efforts of founder and President Kristin Thorsonfor her dedication and service to the fibromyalgia and ME/chronic fatigue syndrome community for the past 25 years. Kristin exemplified an unmatched excellence in her ability to search out, hospital decipher and articulate the ever-changing medical and research aspects of these conditions and present that information in a timely and understandable format through her publication.

True to her nature, Kristin honestly shares the reason why she can no longer publish in an open letter on the FM Net News website. She also states that she will "try to" do what I can and plan to provide additional information on this website as it becomes available". Kristin invites you to visit the Network’s Facebook page, "to stay current on some of today's research and treatments, to talk in a positive and supportive environment, and laugh" in the “fibro and CFS family".

We hope you will join TyH in sending a BIG thank you to Kristin and the Network via an email to (expired email removed).  Tuck in a little note of how the Network helped you for her to enjoy while she's taking a well-deserved rest. Join us in letting her know we care and are here for her like she's been there for us. Merci, danke, toda, grazie, gracias, wliwni -- in any language -- thank you, Kristin!

Update: The FM News website and Facebook page links have been removed from this post as the respective pages are no longer available.

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