Why? The CBD marketplace continues to be a place of controversy.CBD Extract

As such, we made the difficult decision to withdraw from the  marketplace and thus will not be moving forward with a separate website for CBD sales.

Although we believe that CBD has a role in helping those with chronic pain, arthritis and anxiety, the FDA has still declined to approve it as a supplement. This makes sales difficult at best  for many businesses as they cannot combine CBD with regular supplement sales. It is also a disservice to our customers and a detraction from our business as usual to maintain a separate website.
So, for now, we’ll refocus on our main supplements and perhaps revisit CBD in the future when and if it is ever approved as a supplement.
You can save big on the remaining stock as we are selling it at 40-50% off. Quantities are limited so we can only accept phone orders, please. Read the instructions on how to order here.

Thank you for your support!